Does Your Insurance Cover Flooding?

Considering the climate is ever changing and the majority of the UK has in recent weeks (June 2007) been suffering from unusual weather and in particular rain and storms, it is now more essential and more important than ever that you know whether or not you are covered by your policy for events such as flooding.

Just recently many people have found that they didn’t have the valuable cover needed, while others were lucky and did, when torrential rains hit the UK and homes were flooded and possessions ruined. This one occurrence is thought to bring around 1,200 claims on insurance for the ones that were lucky enough to have cover.

However a sad fact is that while many people do have insurance for their homes and believe that they are totally covered, a staggering 257,000 of all claims against policies are turned down every year simply because the home owner hasn’t taken out the right policy or they didn’t bother to look at what the policy did and did not cover and have found that they aren’t covered when it comes to making a claim.

One of the biggest reasons why adequate cover isn’t taken is due to the fact that the majority of people simply take the cheapest policy they find while not looking at what the policy entails. While of course everyone wants the cheapest premium, it is also essential that you have the right amount of cover for your needs, while savings are essential on your premium in the long run cheapest isn’t always the best.

When considering your home insurance the number one thing to make sure of is that you have all the cover you need. Using a specialist broker for your home insurance is the easiest way of keeping the cost down and you are able to quickly and easily make comparisons for the same coverage from the information provided by them.

Always remember when comparing policies that they all have hidden exclusions within them and it is essential that you check these out, while one policy might offer the cheapest premiums, it might not include the same cover that a more expensive policy might and as such will cost you more in the long run if you have to pay out for added extras.

Does Your Insurance Company Want You

Is it better to be loyal to your auto insurance company or yourself? Does it pay to stay with the same company for a long time or not? When it comes to auto insurance these days, if you are with the same company for over a year, then your more than likely being treated like yesterdays success. When I say yesterdays success I mean, your agent usually doesn’t have time to focus on old business, instead they are hungry looking for new auto insurance policies to write. There are multiple reasons why it pays to be willing to pack up and leave for the next good deal!

First off, did you know that most companies have a discount for new customers? They entice you to stay by lowering that discount each year, in hopes of gaining loyalty in the meantime. Isn’t this backwards? Shouldn’t they be lowering the rate each year for being loyal and staying with them?

Then there are all the really old customers out there with low deductibles. Once again the agent didn’t have time to review deductibles and educate how much money could be saved by raising them even a few hundred dollars. Think of your policy. When was the last time your agent called to make sure you were happy with your coverage?

What about credit and your auto insurance policy. This topic has raised more controversy than any when it comes to auto insurance. If you have been with the same company for a long time, this area is far too often costing the customer hundreds of dollars. I have even seen where up to date Insurance scores have saved thousands per year!

The list could go on and on forever why you will save by being a new customer. Let me sum it all up for you in simplified terms. Insurance companies are literally fighting for your business now days. Competition does one simple thing, saves you money. The same companies have become far too comfortable with there loyal customers. Wake them up. Comparison shop to get better prices.

Take advantage of the competition. Get quotes from multiple companies and let them start competing for your business. If your interested in an excellent source to get quotes from multiple companies with one simple process, then click on the highlighted text. Otherwise shop around wherever you feel comfortable. Take my advice though, and your going to be surprised how much you can save.

Does Your Car Insurance Cover You For Driving Abroad?

By law, British motor insurers must cover your car for the minimum cover required by the law in other European countries, or the minimum cover required by UK law, whichever is greater.

In most cases, this means that no matter where you are driving your car, you’ll have at least Third Party coverage. There are special conditions that may apply however, and you’d do best to check with your individual insurer to find out about limits or conditions on your policy. These are some of the most common limits and conditions found on UK policies regarding driving your own car abroad.

No cover for damage to your own vehicle

While you may have cover for collision damages when driving at home, many insurers will only cover damage to other vehicles if you are driving abroad. You can extend your policy to cover damages to your car from fire, theft and collision while abroad by talking with your insurance company or broker.

No breakdown cover abroad

Even if you extend your car insurance to cover you while driving your car overseas, you won’t be covered if your car should breakdown on the side of the road. Your insurer may be able to provide international breakdown cover, though you may get a better price on breakdown cover if you buy it in conjunction with your holiday insurance or even through your home insurer.

Advance notification required

Some car insurance companies require you to notify them in advance if you will be taking your car abroad with you. If you fail to give them notice and are involved in an accident, you may be left with only third party cover. Check your policy to find out how much advance notice your insurer requires in order to extend your policy to cover you when driving your car abroad.

Time limits on motor insurance abroad

Some higher end motor insurance policies allow you full coverage overseas for up to a stated length of time – generally 30 to 90 days – at no extra charge. They still require advance notice to extend your coverage, but as long as your overseas visits are less than the stated amount of time, you won’t be charged an extra premium. Be sure to check for any limitations on your policy while overseas. In most cases, only repairs will be covered. You’ll have to make other arrangements for transportation, car hire and other accommodations.

** Tips for Taking Your Car Abroad **

1. Check to find out how much cover your current motor insurance provides if you are traveling abroad.

2. Arrange for a Green Card through your insurer. The Green Card is an easy way to provide proof of insurance cover in most European countries.

3. Get separate breakdown cover. Most motor insurance policies do not provide any breakdown cover in foreign countries. If you carry separate breakdown cover at home, however, check that policy. Some may cover you for short trips abroad at no additional cost.

4. Ask your insurer for a European accident statement form and keep it with you. Most will provide one free of charge. It’s a handy way to jot down details of an accident while they are still fresh in your mind.

5. Because foreign cars are an attractive target for thieves, take precautions to make it difficult to steal your car. Always lock the doors, and keep motor insurance and vehicle ownership papers on your person rather than in your car.

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Does Your Car Insurance Cover Everything Important?

It is important that you do take good care of your car. After all, possibly like most people, it would be one of the most expensive investments you might ever have spent on. To protect you and your car as well for any other excess expenses due to accidents or other untoward incidents, vehicle insurance could do just the trick. However, keep in mind that to actually purchase insurance for your car would also mean that you would have to spend a considerable amount.

Vehicle insurance, or car insurance or auto insurance or whatever term you may want to call it, is mainly used to provide protection against losses that could be incurred as a result of being part of traffic accidents. You see, accidents could lead to huge damages which equate to huge expenses as well. Vehicle insurance covers that so that you would not have to shell out any more money. In fact, there are even some insurance companies whose coverage includes you, your car, and even other parties included in the accident.

Of course, you should try choosing the right kind of auto insurance for your car. Remember that the wider and the greater the range of coverage also means that you would have to spend more. If you have a limited amount of finances, you can try to simply ask around and inquire about auto insurance quotes. Also inquire about the areas covered. Try to find out also if you have the option to include or not to include certain areas.

Bodily injury liability insurance covers the other party’s medical bills if you actually hurt someone in an accident that was purely your fault. If you have property damage liability as part of your auto insurance, you would not have to worry much if you drive your car into another car or into a streetlight or bus stop.

Does My Child Need Life Insurance Coverage?

Whether or not a child needs life insurance coverage is a widely argued debate. If you examine the following information and feel that you are in a position that would benefit from life insurance being placed on your child, then this would be the best decision for you. Some people are not in a situation that would be helped by their child having life insurance. The conclusion to this debate will vary from person to person and you will only be able to get to the appropriate answer for your situation by thinking about the main points of such coverage.

Many people argue that children do not need life insurance. Being as the mortality rate for children is much lower than that of adults, some people feel that such coverage is an unnecessary economic drain on a family. On top of that, insurance is given out to individuals who have something to lose in the event of the untimely death of the individual insured. Adults often provide for their family. While children are beloved and indispensable on an emotional and mental level, they very rarely offer their family financial or monetary stability. As such, it is unlikely that, from a financial standpoint, individuals would have something to lose from the death of a child.

On the other side of the argument, some people feel that having a life insurance policy on a child is a good thing to put in place since it is never too soon to get life insurance coverage. Everyone dies, and these people will be prepared from a fiscal standpoint. As a person gets older, their life insurance premiums almost always increase over time. This is because individuals often open themselves up more to either short-term or long-term life-threatening practices, such as smoking, drinking, driving vehicles including motorcycles and the like. Children are still fairly innocent and limited in their exposure. Children can get some of the lowest insurance premiums offered by life insurance companies. In addition, many life insurance companies that offer coverage for children will keep the premiums the same, no matter how old the child eventually gets. There is definitely an advantage for individuals who have their insurance premiums set when they are three years old as opposed to fifty years old.

For the most part, a family’s financial situation will help them to determine which decision might be best for them. If a family has the extra money needed to pay for such a policy, it might be good for the child when it comes to the long-term experiences of their life. Specifically, it would be great for the child when it gets to the point that they would eventually need to file for life insurance coverage. However, if a family does not have the money needed for such a venture, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Most families do not need the policy coverage that the child’s policy would offer. The benefits are often established and developed later, when the child needs to take over such payments and they find out they will be paying a lot less compared to other people their age who are just now taking out life insurance policies.

Do You Understand Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance?

Sadly not many people do truly understand mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI), yet each year many buy it alongside their mortgage thinking that it will provide them with the income needed to keep the roof over their head if they should come out of work. While in most cases it can do this there are certain exclusions which mean it you could be ineligible to claim. Unless you know about these and have checked them in the small print to make sure your circumstances would permit you to make a claim, then your cover could be nothing more than a waste of money.

Mortgage payment protection insurance can work but it is essential that you understand what you are buying and what a policy can and cannot do. Typical reasons which could mean you would be ineligible to claim include if you are only working part time, are of retirement age, self-employed or if you have a pre-existing medical condition at the time of taking out the policy. Policies differ and while these are the most common you can find others listed in the small print of the policy so it is essential to read them from top to bottom.

If a policy is suited to your circumstances then it would begin to give you the tax free sum you agreed upon at the time of getting your quote, which was based on your age and amount needed each month to make sure that you can carry on servicing your mortgage repayments. You do have to be out of work for a set period of time before the policy kicks in and again this can vary with providers but is usually anywhere between the 31st day and the 90th of being out of work. Once the policy has kicked in then it would continue to pay out for between 12 and 24 months, which means that you have plenty of time to recover and get back to work without the added worry of finding the mortgage money each month.

Some of the biggest problems with mortgage payment protection insurance cover have been the lack of information regarding the exclusions, how much the cover costs in total over the term of the mortgage and the high cost of the premiums. High street lenders charge way over the odds for the cover and this can add hundreds more onto the cost of the mortgage than it should if you had gone with a specialist provider. Besides saving you a great deal on the premiums each month and total amount you pay for the cover, the standalone provider will give you all the information you need to ensure that a policy is suitable for your needs before you buy, this means you are able to make an informed decision regarding the suitability of the policy before you buy.

One of the biggest changes to come out of the investigation by the Financial Services Authority which started in 2005 after a super complaint was made to the Office of Fair Trading by the Citizens Advice, is the planned introduction of comparison charts in March 2008. The charts will allow the consumer to make an informed decision after answering a set of questions in relation to policies, along with this it will show how much the cover will cost and also highlight the fact that there are exclusions, something which at the moment is clearly lacking.

Mortgage payment protection insurance has to be understood and right now the only place where you can get the information needed to determine if a policy is suited to your needs is to go with an ethical specialist in payment protection.

Do You Really Need Disaster Insurance?

The expenses involved with owning a home can be overwhelming at times – routine maintenance, repairs, seasonal preparations, improvements. Not to mention taxes, fees, and all those monthly bills. Some homeowners, in trying to reduce their expenses, wonder if they really need disaster insurance.

Disaster insurance is typically defined as additional homeowner’s insurance to cover events like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and floods. Home insurance policies typically cover hurricanes and tornadoes (review your policy to be certain in covers damage from such events). But often damage from floods and earthquakes isn’t covered. This extra insurance, if desired, must be purchased in addition to your standard homeowner policy, and it can be expensive, depending on where you live.

Because disaster insurance can be expensive, it’s a type of coverage some homeowners opt not to buy. But in some cases they are required to buy. For example, mortgaged homes in the US that are located in designated flood hazard areas are required to buy flood insurance through the US National Flood Insurance Program. Of course, once those mortgages are paid, there is no longer a requirement to buy such insurance. But homeowners in those areas should carefully consider whether they really want to take the risk that their home and everything in it could be swept away, leaving them with nothing but an empty lot. Homeowners that aren’t in designated flood hazard areas should still know that floods can cause plumbing problems, like sewer and septic backups. These often aren’t covered in a standard homeowner’s policy, and they may want to consider an endorsement for coverage.

In the US, many tend to think that only the area along the west coast is subject to earthquakes. This isn’t true however, and 39 US states have some potential for earthquakes. Coverage for seismic events can be very expensive in California and other western states, but homeowners in other states should evaluate the cost vs. the earthquake risk for the area where they live.

Do You Need Rental Insurance?

Many renters don’t stop to think about what happens if there is a fire, someone breaks in and steals their new TV or stereo, or a visitor slips and falls on their property. The sad truth is; you will be responsible! While your landlord has

insurance that covers the actual building, that coverage does not include your personal property or liability for injuries which occur in the space you rent ~ be it an apartment or a house and yard.

If a fire should destroy or damage your home, your landlord’s insurance will cover the structure. It won’t cover damage or loss of your belongings. Neither will it provide for the cost of temporary housing for you and your family.

You may think you don’t own enough personal property to make the cost of insurance worthwhile. You’re probably wrong! If you sit down and add up the cost of everything you own, you may be in for a big surprise. Consider what you have invested in such things as:

Furniture and accessories

Electronics like TV, stereo, computers

Small appliances like microwaves, toaster ovens, etc.


Art work like paintings or prints

Dishes, silverware and cookware

Sporting equipment



Could you afford to replace all of these things?

Even worse, what would you do if a friend is injured on your property and decides to sue you for medical costs and more? It’s a scary thought, isn’t it?

Are you beginning to see why rental insurance may be a very wise investment?

The cost of rental insurance is based on several factors:

The dollar amount of your coverage


Whether you choose to be reimbursed for Actual Cash Value or Replacement Costs (more about that in a minute)

Where your rental property is located and the number of previous claims made, not only by you, but by others living in the same area.

Let me explain the difference between Actual Cash Value (ACV) and Replacement Costs. ACV is the value of your property at the time a loss takes place. For example, if your television set is five years old, it’s valued at much less than if it were brand new. The lesser amount is what you are reimbursed.

However, if you opt for Replacement Cost, you’re paid whatever it costs to go out and buy a new TV with similar features. Insuring for replacement cost raises the amount of your premium so it’s a good idea to get quotes for both ACV and Replacement Cost policies. Then you can decide which option fits your needs and budget.

Another thing to keep in mind is that jewelry, valuable collections, and guns are usually covered under a separate policy or “rider”. If you own these kinds of items, be sure to tell your insurance agent. You don’t want to find out after disaster strikes that they aren’t covered or that they aren’t covered for their true value.

One way you can reduce the cost of your rental insurance is to check with whichever company insures your car. If they provide rental insurance you may be eligible for a multi-line discount.

Rental insurance may be worth the investment just for the peace of mind it offers you.