10 Cake Decorating Trends To Try In 2020

In this cake decorating tutorial I share my predictions and techniques for the top 10 cake decorating trends to try in 2020, broken down into styles that feature texture, colour and simplicity. The links for the tutorials and online courses for the cakes in this video are below. If you enjoy this tutorial, please click the thumbs up button and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for new cake decorating tutorials every week!
8 Ways To Use A 1M Piping Tip:
6 Easy Frosting Techniques:
How To Make A Fault Line Cake:
Cake Carving Masterseries:
10 Cake Decorating Techniques:
Gold Drip Cakes:
Squiggles and Circles Cake:
How To Make A Cake With Wrapping Paper:
4 Secrets For Perfect Stripes On Cakes:
How To Make A Number Cake:
How To Make A Tray Bake Cake:
How To Travel With A Cake In Your Suitcase:

I used my 4 Minute Buttercream Frosting to decorate all of the cakes in this video and you can watch the tutorial and get the recipe here:

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