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U.S. Account For Non US Residents

In early days Gold was considered the standard currency for exchange between the people of various nations. Gold used to act as a standard and everything was seen with respect to it. Over the years and with the emergence of US as a global power, both politically and economically, the US dollar has gained unprecedented importance in world trade. Though officially gold is still a standard, the US dollar is now accepted almost all over the world as a standard. For people who are in the business of where trade is across borders, the US dollar is the global standard. All freelancers and Web Developers and even exporters and importers who operate from various countries over the internet also need to keep a standard as far as the currency is considered and US dollar is the apt currency. A bank account with a US bank thus gains a lot of importance.

The US banking structure broadly classifies its customers into three categories:

1.The US citizens

2.Resident Aliens

3.Non Resident Aliens

As the names suggest the meanings of each of them is implied. The resident aliens are the non-US people who are residing in the US. These also sometimes include the people who have the Green Card. Non Resident Aliens, as the name suggests, are people who are neither citizens of the U.S nor are they residing in the U.S. The rules and regulations that govern the banking systems in US make it very difficult for the NRA’s. Well, the NRA’s are the most trouncing class, as they are treated most callously by the US banking laws. The laws put an austere procedure for NRA’s willing to own a US account; though definitely it’s not impossible for them as well.

So the question is what exactly are the benefits of a US account? Well here are a few:

1.First of all if you are in any sort of business that has even some amount of global appeal then you will probably, in the course of your trade, need to carry out transactions in the US dollars or any international currency. It’s great to go for a US account rather than in some other country because of the global acceptance of the US dollar.

2.And when I say global touch it includes all the deals that are carried out via the internet. So it includes all the web developer, content writers, freelancers etc. Even if your business is local, you can’t possibly deny the power of the internet and it would just be a matter of time after you actually go on the internet. So it’s actually to have a US account and take your business and ideas global.

3.Also if you are on the internet, there is a lot of possibility that you are dealing with US clients or people who are comfortable in dealing with US dollars. You having a US account would be a great advantage for you as it would make the entire process easier for you.

Earlier the laws very too strict, but now there are ways which make it possible for you to open a US account. These ways are still not a walk in the cake. One wrong move and you shall no longer be eligible for the account. But that’s not a big worry. There are guides which can help you with this. In fact I recently tried a guide myself and it really provided me a step-by-step formula for getting a US account opened. It was really nice and easy.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead get yourself a US account and make your global presence more prominent.

UNLV is better than their record

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Top Mistakes with Equipment Leasing

When negotiating on equipment leasing contracts, small business and corporate accounts should review all the legal terms in order to avoid the top mistakes associated with leasing equipment. These rules are applicable in multiple areas of equipment leasing from educational, computer and engineering equipment leases.

Mistakes to Be Avoided in Contracts

One of the primary mistakes made when negotiating their lease is the use of a very short contract. The short contract text may not address issues involving problems with software in computer leases or litigation issues such as employee piracy. Other issues that are not addressed in many short contracts include:

Software transaction agreements

Troubleshooting Support Issues

Clauses handling provider’s going out of business

It’s important to make sure that all parties have their expectations clearly outlined in the contract. The contract helps avoid mistakes in leasing equipment by detailing the obligations of both parties. Contracts that possess clarity and completeness are important and the shorter the contract, the more likely there will be legal risks and ramifications for the company leasing the equipment.

Performance Details

The contract should detail the performance of the equipment. If someone is leasing a computer system, a server or a backhoe, they need to know that it will handle the load they are preparing to deliver to it. The performance details are an area where equipment can fail in leasing if they are not clearly stated. It’s important to make sure that both parties have those issues clarified before closing on any contracts or deals regarding performance issues.

Structure Defects

Structuring agreements is key to understanding where responsibility lies. An equipment leasing agreement needs to stipulate the structure of the deal. In other words, the salesman is unlikely be the primary contact for system defects. The primary contact may be the manager in charge of that account, but they will likely only handle negotiation issues. Customer support issues may be directed elsewhere. That structure and allocation of responsibility must be clearly spelled out in the contract.

Equipment Hardware Leasing Specialties

When leasing computer equipment, there are often software leases that are required. It’s important to coordinate the duration of the software leases to be comparable with the duration of the equipment lease. It’s important to ensure the compatibility of all leased equipment with other equipment from different vendors. It’s also important to make sure that a project’s start and completion dates are commiserate with the equipment lease. Balancing the needs of the developers with the equipment support is a difficult thing to assess, but it’s important to make sure that the leases support the needs of the company small or large.

Solicitors Not Welcome

Solicitors (lawyers) are often not consulted during the initial drafting of equipment leasing. This is a mistake, especially for small businesses that do not possess an in house legal team. Lawyers can help smooth the transaction and avoid loopholes that might cause legal problems for both parties during an equipment lease. However, when utilizing a lawyer, it’s important to find one experienced in lease transactions.

The Results versus The Resources

Be sure to clearly define the need for the equipment lease. Most leasing companies see themselves as providing resources. Companies large and small are not looking for a resource as much as they are looking for a result. It’s the end of the line result they are seeking most of all.


Clear communication is important from the get go. When negotiating for an equipment lease, be sure to have all questions answered prior to agreeing. Companies make a mistake in leasing equipment from a vendor if they have trouble getting them on the phone or returning calls. Those issues can lead to service problems in the future.

Be Realistic In Expectations

Client companies must be realistic about what they are expecting. Vendors will usually negotiate and do their best to fill customer requirements, however the client company must also keep in mind industry standards and limitations. While technology continues to grow, it’s important to realize that not every goal has been achieved as yet.

Short Term Versus Long Term

The final and most important mistake made in equipment leasing is considering a contract as something that needs to be closed immediately in order to make a deadline that occurs in the next few weeks. Realistically speaking, avoiding looking at the long-term effects of an equipment lease may leave the client with a piece of equipment they do not need or a bad contract altogether. If their short-term goal is to launch a new product or get the foundation of a new project started, but the equipment will not help in the long-term goal, that should be addressed.

Equipment leasing provides numerous benefits to businesses large and small. It’s important to recognize the benefits, but to also avoid the pitfalls of mistakes that can be made when negotiating an equipment lease.

The War on Marijuana and the War Against Online Gambling

The government is currently spending around 1 billion dollars a year to keep 45,000 prisoners in state and federal prisons for Marijuana related charges. That is one billion dollars a year that can be better spent on welfare, education and medical insurance for the poor. All this money just to keep Marijuana illegal and this does not even cover the cost of keeping those jailed for other drug charges.

This is no different from the hundreds of millions of dollars the banking industry is going to have to spend to develop a system that can stop the transfer of money from one account into the account of online casinos for the purposes of casino gambling, which everyone involved in coming up with the rules and means to block these transfers admits there is no way to make it work.

In both cases the government would be smarter to legalize the usage of Marijuana and online casinos, regulate the industry to make safe and use the tax revenue to increase the living standards of our poorest citizens.

By keeping Marijuana illegal the government is not stopping anyone from getting it. All they do is make people have to travel to shady areas to purchase Marijuana. Making it unsafe for people to purchase, but if they legalized it, they would be reducing traffic to drug related areas and it would allow the police to better target dealers and users of harder drugs like crack, coke and heroin.

By keeping online casinos illegal they are missing out on all the tax revenue and causing those who prefer to gamble online to risk being ripped off with no possible recourse. One of the main reasons given for banning online gambling was the war on terrorism. There is a chance that terrorists could open an online casino and use the money to fund attacks of Americans, but banning it just makes it harder to see where the money is going. By legalizing and licensing the online casinos you would have a transparency into the industry that would allow the government to see that the money does not go to terrorists or to fund terrorism.

It would also allow some of the money that leaves the country every day to online casinos overseas to stay here to help create jobs and opportunities here that is currently going to someone else, by allowing American casinos to open casinos and Sportsbooks online. Bringing new industry to the USA would be an excellent way to give a desperately needed boost to a struggling economy.

Both the war on Marijuana and the war on online gambling cost the country a lot of money but have done little to stop drugs from entering the country and being sold or to stop people from gambling on a daily basis in online casinos and poker rooms.

These laws need to be thrown away and the countries attitudes towards them need to be looked and have a more accurate assessment on their impact on the country. In the end I believe we will find that online gambling and the legalization of marijuana will provide us with the tools we need to fix other more serious problems with the country.

The Many Uses Of Prepaid Phone Cards

Prepaid phone cards are very popular among college students, frequent travelers or simply by anyone who wants to save on their long distance and international calls. Rechargeable prepaid phone cards are especially economic because the minutes that are added after purchasing the card are often less expensive. For instance, an AT & T prepaid phone cards can be purchased at most Wal-Mart stores at a cost of approximately $.08 per minute. When recharged, the minutes average $.05 each.

There are a number of reasons why prepaid phone cards are so popular, including the need to sometimes dial into a long distance telephone number for internet connections. Rather than paying the higher charges with the phone company, the user can have their modem dial using the calling card and then connecting to the internet.

While on vacation, hotels charge significant rates for long distance calls, but prepaid phone cards allow the user to dial into a toll-free number before dialing out to a long distance line. This will save big bucks as it will eliminate any long distance charges on the hotel bill.

Some cellular phones, such as Tracfone, operate on a prepaid basis. For each local call, one minute of talk time is equal to one unit (or minute) of prepaid service. International calls, on the other hand, may be significantly more expensive. In an effort to minimize the cost, some cell phone owners opt for programming prepaid calling cards into their phone and dialing out using the toll-free number. International rates will be higher with prepaid phone cards, but will likely be less than that of a cellular or regular phone service. This process will work on either cellular phones or a regular landline connection.

Along that same line, prepaid phone cards are also helpful in sending faxes. The same rules apply with long distance fax numbers, which can be costly through local telephone companies. The use of prepaid phone cards can often reduce these costs.

Toll-free numbers are free at payphones, so if you find yourself having car trouble or needing to get in touch with someone and the only phone nearby is a payphone, don’t worry about having the right amount of coins or having to call collect. If you have a prepaid phone card with you, the call will be routed through the toll-free number at no additional cost to either you or the person whom you are calling.

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, prepaid phone cards are simple to use, easy to recharge from the store of original purchase, online through the prepaid phone cards customer service or via the toll-free number listed on the back of the card.

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The Key Advantages Of The Subaru Master Card

The Chase Manhattan Bank offers a host of credit cards, which have their respective advantages and lucrative rewards’ programs. Those who are interested in the purchase of and/or are planning to lease a Subaru vehicle within four years of the date of issuance of the card will find the Subaru Master Card very useful. The card promises the cardholder great many rewards in the form of Subaru products and services.

The cardholders should know the key features of the credit card so as to be able to apply for it easily.

Key Features Of The Card

For the first six months, the card has a 0% introductory annual percentage rate on balance transfers. The card does not charge any annual fee. The great money-saver card also has a free of interest grace period on new purchases made with the card. The regular APRs of 14.24 percent, applicable on purchases and balance transfers are also reasonable. The variable APR applicable on cash-advances is based on the prime rate.

The Attributes Of The Card

The highlight of the Subaru Master Card is undoubtedly its rewards’ program. The card brings with it the opportunity for its members to earn three percent in SubaruBucks Rewards on regular every day purchases.

As per the program plans, when your purchases reach the $3333-mark, you will be eligible for a $100 coupon. In a year, you can earn a maximum of $500 or $2000 in the span of four-years. Remember that the coupons will expire in a four-year period from the date of the issuance of the credit card.

The rewards earned from the purchases made with the card can be redeemed for Subaru parts and services like oil changes, tire rotation and even for buying a new Subaru vehicle. If you intend to purchase a new Subaru car, then you can receive a tremendous discount against the Purchase Price of the new car. You can also receive discounts on the expenses incurred on the maintenance services of an old vehicle.

The Perks

The card offers account related services online. The card also provides other facilities like roadside assistance, auto rental insurance, emergency cash and credit replacement, travel accident insurance, travel and emergency assistance services and other similar services.

The Subaru Master Card proves helpful for the cardholder in yet more ways; it shields you and purchases with services like fraud and security protection services, purchase protection, extended warranty for purchases, and lost and stolen card reporting services, etc. The card also provides you with different Internet account related services.

The Subaru Master is ideal for you if you have a good credit and hardly carry any balances on your card. Before you proceed with applying for a card, make sure that you have a clear conception of the applicable restrictions, exclusions and limitations.

The issue of car finance

When buying a new car, a common issue is the way people pay for it. Most use car finance to pay for their vehicles. If you want to make the best deal, you will have to understand car finance and the intricacies of its processes.

When buying a vehicle there are a couple of aspects people think about: whether their future car will be a new one or a used one and where they will get the money from. Regarding the money, problems can be solved by obtaining the car finance from banks, credit unions, dealerships, or auto manufacturers. However, when considering buying an old car, one has to think of the differences between car finance for a new or for a used car and its advantages and disadvantages. People tend to favor new cars. If you are asking yourselves “why?” then you surely heard some attractive commercials. Most of the unbelievable offers are too good to be true, but they come with extra requirements like high down payments and very high interest rates. For a good deal, negotiation is the only adoptable strategy that will make room for more advantages and less terms and conditions.

Making a loan requires a copy of your credit report and a check of payment histories. The lender will verify every aspect of your financial background in order to give you car finance. Once you have all the paperwork done, gather information, ask the dealers for the best offer and use every detail to bargain.

Pre-Approved loans are better for your car finance because you can find near market rates. Start by looking for a good sub prime lender. Search the Internet, look at closing costs, fees, compare and use the APR number to get the overall cost. This car finance can save you money.

You can also use online loan applications from car finance companies to speed loan processes. Before choosing a car finance company you should compare prices and rates. The dealer will want to make the best for him and choose the appropriate car finance company.

Try not to let yourself be persuaded to buy the dealerships finance pack when you can make a better car finance deal elsewhere. You should calculate your APR and take into account how much the car costs in cash and if you have additional rates. Also see if car finance works for you and if you agree with the down payments and closing payments. Even if it seems complicated, it doesn’t have to be if you educate yourself in car finance.

Car finance is a very important part of your credit-related decisions and you should be careful not to take offers that exceed your income. If you end up in a bad deal you will waste your money on unnecessary things and your car finance will lower your budget drastically. If you try to take your car finance from a bank, the disadvantage is that banks take a lot of time to process a loan. The disadvantage in dealership rates is that they cost more overall. You can also try the Internet for online car finance deals, but the offers have to be carefully analyzed before (not to be scams). Some people may even get your car finance information and use it in their own interest. A little research about the online car finance can save you a lot of trouble. However, if you choose online lenders, you will get low interest rates and save time and money.

To obtain the car finance you are looking for, it will take some time to research and find the appropriate solution for you. You have to know exactly what you want and, after that, be careful not to let salespeople convince you into a car finance deal that you don’t want. Being familiar with car finance will enable you to go out and get the beast deal for you and your family.

The best savings account

The best savings account

Savings accounts are the best idea for putting away a set amount of money each week or month depending on your circumstances. You would be surprised at how quickly this money can add up if you are contributing a set amount from your paycheck every payday.

When shopping around for the best savings account, find one that pays a good interest rate and has a minimal amount for opening the account. A lot of banks only require a dollar to open an account while others may want you to deposit anywhere from 5 dollars to 50.

The convenience of having money automatically withdrawn from your paycheck and placed in your savings account is great for some. However others may not put a set amount in each payday and may want to choose how much they deposit into their savings account.

The best type of savings account will pay a comparable interest rate, be easily accessible to your home or work, will not charge a fee for withdrawals from your account, has on-line availability, and does not require a large deposit to open. If you have a bank account and access it online you should be able to transfer money to and from your savings account. You should try not to transfer from it unless it is an emergency because this defeats the purpose of having the savings account in the first place.

Some types of savings accounts are geared towards the holiday season. This allows you to save money for Christmas. If you start it early enough in the year by the time Christmas rolls around you can have a nice amount for your holiday shopping.

Another type of savings account featured by some banks link your debit card with your savings account. Every time you make a purchase using your debit card the amount is rounded up to the next dollar and the extra is deposited into your savings account. Some of these banks will even match the amount deposited by a certain percentage.

Savings accounts are great ways to start your children out learning how to be responsible when it comes to money. Open a savings account and let them deposit birthday money or Christmas money for themselves. All the change that gets thrown in a jar every day can become a savings account deposit for them. They will love to go to the bank and deposit their own money and in the process you are teaching them the importance of saving.

Another advantage to a savings account is establishing credit. If you borrow money from your bank using the money in your savings to secure the loan, when you pay the loan back you will have established credit with your bank. This can make it easier to get an unsecured loan should you need it.

It is important to have a savings account and add to it regularly. For that unexpected expense that crops up, having the money to cover without having to borrow the money is great. With everything today being based on credit-worthiness, establishing a good relationship with your bank or credit union can make a big difference when it comes to buying a home or a car.

For more info visit

{open an online saving account}

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