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Car Insurance, Essential Information About Excess Payments

An excess payment is the fixed contribution you must pay each time your car is repaired through your car insurance policy. Normally the payment is made directly to the accident repair garage when you collect the car. If your car is declared to be a write off, your insurance company will deduct the excess agreed on the policy from the settlement payment it makes to you.

If the accident was the other drivers fault, and this is accepted by the third party’s insurer, you’ll be able to reclaim your excess payment from the other person’s insurance company. But what if the other driver is uninsured?

All motorists know that it’s a legal requirement (under Section 143 of the 1988 Road Traffic Act) to have insurance for any damage they cause to third parties. But still many drive without insurance. An estimate of the incidence of uninsured driving in the UK is hard to come by and, for the obvious reasons, those drivers involved in breaking the law have every reason to keep quiet about it.

Calculations from the Department of Transport suggest that in the UK around 5% of vehicles are being driven without valid insurance. This group of people not only impose costs on honest motorists in the form of higher premiums, but their presence on our roads also represents a serious risk to other road users. Consequently, uninsured driving is increasingly being regarded as a major social problem.

But driving without insurance is not a victimless crime. If you have an accident with an uninsured driver and the accident wasn’t your fault, the repair costs will be paid for by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau that’s funded in its entirety by the industry, or by your insurer. Therefore, if you’re involved in an accident caused by an uninsured driver you’ll eventually get you car repaired but you’ll still have to pay the excess and there’ll be no one to reclaim your excess from.

What is a Compulsory Excess?

A compulsory excess is the minimum excess payment your insurer will accept on your insurance policy. Minimum excesses do vary according to your personal details and driving record and by insurance company. Today the average excess is around 100, but younger drivers could be faced with excesses of up to 500 – whilst more mature, experienced drivers with a good driving record, could be offered an excess of just 50.

So what is a Voluntary Excess?

In order to reduce your insurance premium, you may offer to pay a higher excess than the compulsory excess demanded by your insurance company. Your voluntary excess is the extra amount over and above the compulsory excess that you agree to pay in the event of a claim on the policy. As a bigger excess reduces the financial risk carried by your insurer, your insurer I able to offer you a significantly lower premium.

The garage has repaired my car but it won’t release the car too me until I pay the policy excess to them. Is this right?

Yes, that is normal practice. But make sure you inspect the car when you collect it. Satisfy yourself that the repair is perfect. Then make sure you keep their receipt for your excess payment as you will need this if you’re reclaiming against a third party’s insurance. And just in case there’s a dispute, it’s a good idea to make sure the repair garage gives you a repair schedule. This will list all the repairs that were made to you car.

Car Insurance: Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

Listen: with the economy the way it is, with gas prices going up, with taxes going up, it is more important than ever to find ways to save money. One place that you can save a lot of money is on your auto insurance.

But you know what’s interesting? No matter how many commercials we see from companies like Geico and Progressive telling you to shop around and get the best rate, no matter how many of those commercials we see, 90% of the people never shop.

Make sure that you’re not one of those people. You work long hours and you don’t want to throw away money on the table that you could save on your auto insurance. You can save lots of money — hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars a year — just by making a few phone calls and shopping around.

Now, the Insurance Research Council says that if you shop around, you can save nearly $900 a year on your auto insurance. Think of all the things you could buy for $900 a year.

Where should you start? Well, call your insurance company and asked them if you qualify for any of the different discounts that they offer. I’ll bet you you don’t even know all the different discounts you could get. Of course there are auto insurance discounts for things like having a good driving record, but did you know that if you’re a student and you have good grades, you can even get a discount for that? Now, it may only amount to 2-5%, which doesn’t sound like a lot. But think about how much you are paying for auto insurance. Suddenly, a couple of percent here and there does add up.

The biggest discount comes if you’ve got a good, accident free driving record. That alone can be worth up to 20% in discounts per year in savings. But as soon as you get a single ticket — there go the discounts. So be careful.

And speaking of tickets, make sure you know how many points you have on your license. If you don’t remember, call the Department of Motor Vehicles and have them look up your record. And if you have more than 3-4 points, you might qualify for a discount simply by taking a safety class. Now many car insurance companies will sponsor classes to promote safe driving and sometimes you can take those classes and reduce your insurance costs. We’re not talking about a lot of your time — maybe one day or four or five hours over several days. Most of the classes cost a little bit of money but not too much — maybe $20-$50. But that’s a small price to pay in order to get a substantial discount on your car insurance.

Of course it should go without saying that you need to shop around every couple of years. Look around, compare prices. Even though you believe your current auto insurance company is the best one, things change.

Your rates also depend on where you live. If you’ve moved or if you’re planning to move, shop around for auto insurance. Your car insurance company might offer a completely different rate for the city you’re about to move to.

So that’s the reality on saving money for your car insurance. Shop around and compare prices. And of course, drive safely. It really pays.

Car Insurance What Is Liability And Collision Insurance?

You know full well that it’s the law, but you’ve been driving around without car insurance for a while now. Why? Car insurance is of supreme importance to any driver, no matter how good you think you are. Accidents happen, plain and simple, and you need to be protected in case it does. Not all car insurance is the same, though, and you may be a little confused as to the concepts.

The first term you need to know is liability car insurance. This covers you from claims arising from an accident where there’s bodily damage or damage to property. Generally, there are three main sections of any liability car insurance policy: bodily injury liability coverage, liability coverage for damage to property, and uninsured coverage. The first type of coverage protects you in the case of an accident, for which you are at fault, and others have been injured. Your liability car insurance company will pay any legitimate claims for medical expenses or lost wages. If you’ve run into someone’s wall, or the side of their house, you’ll need liability insurance for property damage, which will pay for repairs. In the instance where you are not necessarily at fault and the other driver does not have liability car insurance, you are protected by uninsured, or under-insured, motorist coverage.

Liability car insurance is not the same as collision car insurance. As you can see, nothing was mentioned about fixing your car in the above description. That’s because it’s not covered under a simple liability car insurance policy. You’ll need collision car insurance, unless you’re willing to pay out of your own pocket. Collision car insurance covers repairs to your car in the case of, you guessed it, a collision with another object. If you’re one of those people who gets their kicks by running over poor, defenseless animals, this coverage isn’t for you. You’ll need comprehensive car insurance to fix that cracked headlight.

Generally, you can choose you’re deductible rate, i.e., the amount that your car insurance company will pay out to repair your car. Typically, the higher the deductible, the lower the car insurance premium. You will definitely need collision car insurance if you are leasing a vehicle, if you own a fairly new car or if you are making payments to a finance company. Owners of much older cars may want to skip this form of car insurance altogether. If your car is totaled, the car insurance company will pay you that market value of your car, minus the value of your deductible. If you are able to absorb the cost of replacing your car yourself, you may want to forgo this.

Car Insurance Protect Your Second Wife!

Auto insurance in general, which includes car insurance is an insurance consumers can purchase for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. It’s mainly meant to provide protection against losses incurred as a result of car accidents and also thefts of vehicle. It also includes losses arising due to natural calamities. To have your car insured is mandatory by law. When you insure you get a “policy” which is based on a variety of factors including the type of car you drive, as well as what kind of insurance you want, as these policies are actually a package of different types of insurance coverage. They can be classified as:

Liability – This coverage pays for accidental physical injury of the body and damage to others’ property. Injury damages include medical expenses, pain or suffering and lost wages. Property damage includes damages to the automobile. This coverage also pays for defense and court costs. State laws fix how much liability coverage you must purchase, but you can also get more coverage if you wish.

Collision – This insurance pays for damages to your vehicle caused by collision with another vehicle or object.

Comprehensive – This coverage pays for losses or damages to the insured vehicle that doesn’t occur in an auto accident. The possible types of damages comprehensive insurance covers include loss caused by fire, wind, hail, flood, vandalism or theft.

Medical Coverage – Pays medical expenses regardless of whose fault it was as long as the expenses are caused by an auto accident.

PIP – Personal Injury Protection (PIP) – This coverage pays medical expenses for the insured driver, regardless of whose fault it was, for treatment due to injuries arising in an auto accident.

Uninsured Motorist – Pays for your car’s damages when an auto accident is caused by another driver who doesn’t have liability insurance.

Underinsured Motorist Pays for your car’s damages when an auto accident is caused by someone who has insufficient liability insurance to settle all your claims.

Rental Reimbursement – This type of insurance will pay for a rental car if your rented car is damaged due to an auto accident. Often this coverage has a daily allowance to be paid for at the time of renting a car.

Certain insurance policies club together a number of these types of coverage. Depending on the laws that exist in your state you have to choose the insurance you want for your car. Even though the state may not require extensive insurance, extra coverage may be worth the expense as it is possible that you may be straddled with thousands of dollars because of an auto accident.

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Car Insurance How Did They Calculate That?

Insurance premiums are calculated according to several risk factors. These are the factors identified by the insurance company as most likely to have an impact on the insured against risk occurring. Insurance is a significant cost associated with the item insured and should not be rushed into. It is always a good idea to shop around for the best price available. Insurance premiums will vary considerably from insurer to insurer so do your homework.

Shop Around

Look up the various insurance companies you are interested in and ask them for a quote. They can usually give you a rough estimate fairly quickly and even more exact quotes should also be possible if you provide more details and wait. You should also look up insurers online and get instant quotes from their website. This is a very fast and effective way of shopping around. You will get a good idea of what prices to expect. You can also experiment with the quotation websites to see what effect it makes to your premium price if you select different options. With all insurance policies you will have a number of options that affect the price of the policy.

Therefore you should think about these options and if there are risks that you do not wish to cover then let the insurer know as your premium should become cheaper.

You should also try to make sure you do not double insure. It is a principle of insurance that you cannot benefit from the insured event’s occurrence. So you cannot get paid twice even if you have two insurance policies. So if a risk is already covered by one policy, again let your insurer know so they can remove it from their calculation.


Car insurance premiums usually depend on factors such as what kind of car you are driving, how old it is, how big the engine is, what make and model it is? What type of insurance you require also plays a part, do you need only liability, or also comprehensive? What use you will make of the car, for example will you commute to work and how many miles do you plan on driving?

Your driving history will be a strong factor in determining your risk, and linked to this will be the age of the driver, with younger drivers being significantly more at risk of being involved in an accident. If you are young, your sex will also be an important risk factor, however if you are older sex usually becomes less significant.

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Car Insurance Be assured for a safe drive

Shopping for car insurance is the only way to save on the car insurance. Car Insurance is the perfect solution for your problem on car theft, accidents etc. People are quite dependent on their vehicles and losing a vehicle by an accident or theft will be a financial loss. Moreover it will affect our day to day activities like office, school, doctor’s appointment etc.

Benefits of Car Insurance Policy

Some insurance policies offer number of standard benefits, while other benefits are available as optional covers in return for an extra premium. Some of the more common Car insurance policy benefits are:


Driving other cars

Medical expenses

Personal effects

New car benefits

Lock replacement

Many auto insurance agencies offers you benefits like less premium, 70% discount on first-rate service (if our recommended garages have not repaired your car), free car servicing (if your car has been repaired by one of our recommended garages). They also provide you additional services like breakdown assistance and motoring protection at minimal price. A car insurance agency controls your car insurance policy from beginning to end.

Nowadays it’s easy to buy your auto insurance online. Online auto insurance is the best option if you want to save your money and time.

Additional Car Insurance policy services include

Motoring protection

This service pays for personal injuries that you have sustained from the accident and also we pay for injuries that others might have sustained. This service also covers for any kind of property loss. This service also handles any legal technicalities.

Breakdown assistance

This services provides assistance incase your car breakdown and more often than not at a worst possible time. Complete details of these services are available when you get your car insurance quote or renew your policy online.

Car Insurance

Nothing is easy even in today’s one-click world. Buying car insurance can be a big hassle, and take most of a day calling around, talking to different companies to get quotes. A lot of people don’t have the time to waste to call several different companies out of the phone book, haggling for the best deal and the lowest car insurance rates. Yet everyone still wants to find the best deal, whether or not they have a lot of time on their hands to shop around with. If you’re a bargain shopper, then you know the Internet is your best bet to find the greatest deals on anything. If you buy your car insurance online, you’re liable to come away with a great deal.

Every car insurance company says they can offer you the best deal and the lowest rates, and it seems almost impossible to get a straight answer when you get a quote over the phone. Many shoppers feel more comfortable buying car insurance online, in a quick and easy process that doesn’t mean sitting through a long series of automated questions and answers. By gathering quotes on the Internet, you won’t have to talk to anyone on the phone, answer any questions posed by automated voices, or sit and wait for a human to have the time to talk to you. The Internet allows you to move easily through the process of getting quotes, and many consumers prefer this method.

If you want to get quotes online, the first rule of thumb is not to go to car insurance company’s web site. This will limit your quotes and your options. There are tons of sites out there that allow you to fill out a single questionnaire and then compare quotes side-by-side. You can, in this fashion, look over the rates and coverage of several different companies at once. Using the phone as your only tool, getting that many quotes could take hours. With the Internet, you can compare a large list of quotes, immediately weeding out companies whose prices don’t fit your budget. Any Internet search will produce web sites that offer comparison-shopping and multiple quotes for your car insurance needs.

Another good way to go when it comes to buying car insurance is to buy through an independent agent. Independent agents do not work for any one company but for you, the consumer. They do all the work of comparing quotes for you, and in the end they can usually provide you with a much better deal than what you can find on your own. Independent agents are offered select deals through car insurance companies, policies and rates that aren’t available to the average person. You will never have to talk to your car insurance company, and will only have to send them a check every month or six months (depending on your payment plan). If there is any problem, simply contact your insurance agent and they’ll take care of everything. The best part is, there are no fees involved with using the independent agent you only pay your car insurance bill.

Most people have to have car insurance because of state laws, and others just know that having car insurance is a good idea. Just because you have to have it doesn’t mean you can’t get a great deal at the same time, and the less you have to pay, the better. You can find the best car insurance rates without wasting a ton of time or staying on hold for hours. Really, doesn’t everyone deserve the best possible deal on affordable car insurance?