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Cheap Loan Protection Insurance Can Be Found

The consumer’s faith in loan protection has taken a beating recently, however without a doubt having the cover should be given some serious consideration and cheap loan protection insurance can be found if you know where to take it from. By far the best way to purchase your cover is to go with a standalone provider, only then can you be sure that you are going to get the cheapest quote for the premium on the loan protection.

Loan protection is usually offered alongside a loan or credit card by the high street lender, but purchasing the cover this way without first investigating your other options, is a sure way to get ripped off when it comes to paying the premium.

While not many like to think of the worst happening it can and if you should find yourself out of work due to an accident, long term sickness or unemployment then you could find yourself struggling to meet the monthly loan repayments. This is when a policy will come into play. Usually you have to be out of work for a specified amount of days but following this the cover will make sure you have enough money to pay your commitments on your loan.

Consumers do have the right to shop around for the best deal although many high street lenders will try to persuade you that the cover has to be taken out alongside the loan or credit card. Don’t fall for tricks such as these, as cheap loan protection insurance can be found by going with a specialist provider and doesn’t have to be taken alongside the loan from the same lender. You are free to shop around and you can go independently.

High street lenders are notorious in the media for over charging on the premiums for loan protection insurance often along with providing policies that are inferior to the products sold by a specialist provider. A specialist provider can not only help you to get the cheapest loan protection insurance premium but will also be able to provide you with a product of high quality which gives you the peace of mind you need should the worst come to the worst.

Faith in the product does need restoring and a specialist provider can help to do that, along with cheaper premiums and quality products a standalone provider can and will offer the best advice regarding a policy that is suitable for your needs.

Cheap Life Insurance Policy – We All Want To Save Money, Here’s How

Is there such a thing as cheap life insurance policies? There may not be such as a thing as cheap life insurance in the market place but there are certainly a wide variety of life insurance rates. That means that there is a definite advantage to those that take the time to search for the lowest possible rate. Your ability to search for rates online is phenomenal. There is a huge opportunity out there to do your own research. The rates on life insurance depend on the type of product. There are two common forms of life insurance. There is term life insurance and there is permanent life insurance. Comparing the two can be a challenge. Comparing a combination of the two can be even more of a challenge.

Why am I buying Life Insurance? That is the first question that needs to be answered. Do I want to cover a mortgage? Do I want to provide income for my family? Do I want to supplement my retirement? The reasons are more important than the rates because the reasons help you design your portfolio.

What kind of life insurance do I need? Once you know the reasons that you are making a life insurance purchase then you can determine what type of life insurance to purchase. Term insurance takes care of temporary needs while permanent life insurance provides benefits for a lifetime.

You can now proceed to search for rates after you have answered these two very important questions. It would behoove you to learn a simple method of evaluating your insurance needs so that you can shop for the proper amount and the correct type of life insurance. There is nothing wrong with shopping online or using an insurance professional to assist you. The happiest life insurance purchase that you will ever make is the one that is designed to fit your needs and to your ability to pay.

Cheap Life Insurance Policy

A Guide To What to Expect From Your Life Insurance Policy

The average life insurance policy isn’t hard to understand you take out this kind of policy to basically get life insurance cover to protect your family. So, if you die unexpectedly, the insurer you are signed up with will pay out on the policy to give your next of kin a lump sum or an income according to the terms of your agreement. In most cases you will pay for your life insurance policy on a monthly basis for as long as the policy is in force the payments here are usually referred to as premiums.

All this may simply be common sense but there are other things you need to know about a life insurance policy before you take one out. For a start it is absolutely vital that you read the terms and conditions of any policy before you buy it as this is where you will find all the information that you need to know before you proceed. The terms and conditions will give you an exact idea of what your policy will cover you against and what it won’t.

The fact is that your life insurance policy may not give you fully comprehensive cover unless you ask for it and in some cases you may need a special policy. The majority of policies will generally cover you against death by accident or illness but they will also take your past medical history into consideration before you’ll get cover for everything. So, for example, if you have had an illness in the past then you may well find that your policy won’t cover you for death that relates to this illness. Don’t, however, be tempted to lie about your medical history just to get the cover you need if you do die and your insurer discovers that you haven’t told them the truth then you’ll invalidate your policy and they won’t have to necessarily make the payment on the policy.

These particular clauses are generally known as exclusions. In most cases the majority of insurers will have the same kind of general exclusions but not all will be exactly the same. So, there are some specialist insurance companies out there, for example, that will be able to give you cover for existing medical conditions in certain circumstances if you do have problems finding a standard insurer that will help you out. These specialist insurers, as you might imagine, may charge you a little extra for being more flexible but the extra cost is usually worth the peace of mind of knowing that you have fully comprehensive cover in place. And, if you shop around for a life insurance policy on the Internet to find the cheapest deal then it’s perfectly possible to get a really good deal even if you do have an existing medical condition or problem.

Cheap Insurance Van

The word shopping brings a feeling of immediate excitement to most people. But if you combine the word shopping with car insurance, as in “shopping for car insurance”, it produces the opposite effect. The thought of shopping for auto insurance makes the eyes glaze over and the heart rate drop to the pace of a slumbering couch potato.

Couch potato? Indeed. Doug Heller, a consumer advocate at the Foundation for Consumer Rights and a recognized insurance issues specialist, told us that too often “people purchase insurance by calling the number on the screen.”

But wait, this is important stuff! You want to be adequately covered if you get in an accident. And you certainly don’t want to pay more for car insurance than you should. Maybe waiting for a solution to be beamed into your living room is not the best idea.

How can you stay awake while navigating through this murky subject? Just remember: There is money to be saved. How much? Hundreds, even thousands, per year. For example, one of the authors typed all of his insurance information into a comparative insurance service. The quotes (for very basic coverage on two old cars) ranged from $1,006 to $1,807 – a difference of $801 a year. If you’re currently dumping thousands into your insurance company’s coffers because of a couple of tickets, an accident or a questionable credit rating, shopping your policy against others may be well worth the effort.

Look at it this way – you can convert the money you save into the purchase of something you’ve lusted after for a long time. Hold that goal in your mind. Now, let’s begin.

Before you can shop for something, you have to decide what you need. The first step in finding the right auto insurance for you is to figure out the amount of coverage you need. This varies from country to country. So take a moment to find out what coverage is required where you live. Make a list of the different types of coverage and then return for the next step.

Now that you know what is required, you can decide what – if anything – you need in addition to that. Some people are quite cautious. They base their lives on worst-case scenarios. Insurance companies love these people. That’s because insurance companies know what your chances are of being killed or maimed, and how likely it is for your car to be damaged or stolen. The information the insurance company has collected over previous decades is crunched into “actuarial tables” that give insurance adjustors a quick look at the probability of just about any occurrence.

It is important to keep in mind that the basis of insurance is a difference of opinion between you (the insured) and them (the insurance company). You believe you will, at some point, probably get in an auto accident. The car insurance company believes you probably won’t. And the insurance company is willing to take your money to prove you wrong.

So how much auto insurance should you buy beyond your state’s minimums?

“Look at your personal financial situation,” Dennis Howard, director of the Insurance Consumer Advocate Network and former insurance adjuster. “If you have assets to protect – and that is all insurance is doing – get enough liability coverage.”

Another issue Howard mentioned is that the limits of any uninsured and/or underinsured motorist coverage that you purchase cannot exceed the limits of your liability coverage. Such coverage, he said, can be valuable, as it will cover lost income if you’re out of work for several months after being injured in a major accident.

Your driving habits may also be a consideration. If your past is filled with crumpled fenders, if you have a lead foot or a long commute on a treacherous winding road, then you should get more comprehensive coverage.

“Consumers should also be aware that they don’t have to buy the package [of collision and comprehensive coverage],” Howard said. “If your vehicle is older, if you have a good driving record and if there is a low likelihood that it would be totaled in an accident, but a high likelihood of it being stolen, you could buy comprehensive but not collision.” Seems like good advice for all of the 1989 Toyota Camry owners reading this article – this has been the most stolen car in the nation for several years (it’s often stolen for parts). But we would expect that most of them on the road have well over 100,000 miles.

At this time, a rather sobering point needs to be interjected. Just having car insurance doesn’t protect you from absolutely anything bad that might happen. First, the insurance company needs to back up the claims that they make in the fine details of the contract. TV ads show folksy adjustors at the scenes of natural disasters passing out claims checks like coupons for cocktail wieners at a supermarket. But, in case you haven’t noticed, real life is a bit different from TV ads. If you have an accident, your car insurance company will take a close look at your claim before mailing you a check. And the check may be written for an amount much smaller than you had hoped. For this reason, you should be intimately familiar with the terms of your policy and call the company with any questions you might have.

Now that you have made several practical and philosophical decisions, it’s time to start shopping. Begin by setting aside about an hour for this task. Bring all your records – your current insurance policy, your driver license number and your vehicle registration. Drink plenty of coffee. Have a phone at your elbow. And, of course, power up your computer.

Begin with the online services. On many sites you can type in your information and get a list of comparative quotes. The form takes about 15 minutes to complete. If this bores you, just remind yourself that you are saving money and you can use that money to buy something nice for yourself. If the entire shopping process takes you two hours to complete, and you save $800, you’re effectively earning $400 an hour. While you’re researching companies, make notes in a separate computer file or on a piece of paper divided into categories. This will keep you from duplicating your efforts.

Cheap Insurance Secrets

Can you find cheap insurance? Yes. You can not only spend less on all types of insurance, but you can get more of the coverages you need for less. Here are a few insider secrets to help you out.

Cheap Life Insurance

– Purchase multiple policies. Instead of buying one large policy, save money by buying two, or even three, and staggering the terms. Have one run until the kids are out of the house, for example, and the other until your retirement fund kicks in.

– Investigate the company. Visit, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners site. It has links to check out companies, including their financial condition, and the complaints filed against them.

– Ask about rebates. Some states allow agents to rebate a portion of their commission to you. Check online or by phone. You don’t have to be from the state to buy insurance there.

Cheap Auto Insurance

Get several quotes, of course. You probably know that having as high a deductible as you can afford will also reduce the rate. Here are some money-saving tips you may not have known.

– Get the legal minimum for liability coverage if you have few or no assets. Many companies try to sell their “company-recommended minimums” on liability, and even pass them off as the legal minimums. Just get the legal minimums. If you have no assets, you’re not a target for a lawsuit.

– Once a year, review your policies. Have a policy review and get new quotes every year or so. If the ticket you had is past the three year mark (or whatever the company thinks is important) they will drop the rate, but not automatically, so ask.

– Remove your kids from your policy. If your kids are at a college that’s more than 100 miles away, you can have them taken off the insurance policy and save a lot of money. You can’t let them drive the car when they come home to visit though.

Other Cheap Insurance Secrets

– Health insurance tip: Find a group to join. If you don’t have health insurance through your employer, join a group that enables you to get a better policy rate. A fraternal organization or the chamber of commerce sometimes have arranged for group policies.

– Home owners insurance tip: Consider higher deductibles. Insurance is for disasters, not small stuff. Plan to pay the first $1000 someday when something happens. In the meantime you’ll save money every year on your policy.

– Credit life insurance tip: Just say no. These policies pay the balance of your auto, home or other loan if you die. If you feel you need it, regular life insurance for the same amount is much cheaper.

Whatever type of insurance you are buying, be sure to get several quotes. Ask questions about every part of the policy, and don’t pay for things you don’t need. Ask about any special discounts you might be eligible for. Asking many questions and really understanding the policy is the key to getting cheap insurance.

Cheap Insurance Life

Permanent life insurance provides lifetime insurance protection (does not expire), but the premiums must be paid on time. Most permanent policies offer a savings or investment component combined with the insurance coverage. This component, in turn, causes premiums to be higher than those of term insurance. The investment may offer a fixed interest rate or may be in the form of money market securities, bonds or mutual funds. This savings portion of the policy allows the policy owner to build a cash value within the policy which can be borrowed or distributed at some time in the future.

The characteristics of Permanent Life Insurance are: permanent insurance protection, it is more expensive to own; it builds cash value, loans are permitted against the policy; it has favorable tax treatment of policy earnings and it has

level premiums.

There are three basic types of permanent insurance: whole life, variable life and universal life. The two most common are whole life and universal life. Whole life insurance provides lifetime protection, for which you pay a predetermined premium. Cash values usually have a minimum guaranteed rate of interest and the death benefit is a fixed amount. Whole life insurance is the most expensive life-insurance product available. “Universal life insurance separates the investment and the death benefit portions. The investment choices available usually include some type of equity investments, which may make your cash value accumulate quicker. As the you can usually change your premiums and death benefits to suit your current budget”.

Final Tips

Consider buying a “break point” level of insurance coverage – better premium rates are given at coverage levels of $100,000, $250,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000.

Make sure you obtain an illustration for the policy that you have chosen. If the insurer will not provide you with one, look for another insurance company.

Always shop for a level-premium policy. Nobody likes a surprise increase in their premium payments! So, before you buy term or permanent insurance make sure your illustration shows that your premium payment is guaranteed not to increase over the duration of your coverage.

Don’t be sold on permanent insurance for the investment or cash-value feature. For the first two to 10 years, your premiums are paying the agent’s commission anyways. Most policies don’t start to build respectable cash value until their 12th year, so ask yourself if the feature is really worth it.

Determine your desired duration of coverage so that you purchase the correct type of policy and keep your premium payments affordable. If you only need insurance for 10 years, then buy term. Also, check out multiple-quality insurance companies for their rates.

Don’t be taken with riders. A very few number of policies ever pay under these riders, so avoid things like the accidental death and waiver of premium riders since they will only jack up your premiums.

For 24 hours before your medical exam, keep sugar and caffeine out of your system. It’s best to schedule your exam early in the morning, and don’t consume anything but water for at least eight hours beforehand.

If your premiums are much too high due to medical reasons or you are denied coverage, check if a group plan is available through your company. These group plans require no medical exam or physical.

When seeking insurance, don’t rush into buying expensive permanent life insurance before considering if term life insurance sufficiently meets your needs. Unfortunately, in many cases the fees charged for policies with investment features far outweigh the benefits. When you purchase life insurance, you’re betting that you’ll live, but also securing peace of mind in case you’re wrong. Don’t leave your family unprotected in the sudden event of your death – after all, they are your most important assets.

Cheap Insurance For A New Car

If you’re hoping to get cheap insurance for a new car, you need to take the following into consideration before you actually purchase the car.

Find out if your car is one that is often stolen. Many companies provide reports each year listing the “Top Most Stolen Vehicles” of that year. Regardless of how much you love that four-wheel drive beauty you have your eye on, if it’s on the list, it’s a risk. And if it’s a risk, you’re less likely to get cheap insurance for it.

Check out the safety features of the car. This means both inside and out, as well as for you, your passengers, and pedestrians. Inquire about the air bags and how effective they really are. Look at safety belts, and if you have children, make sure the car is equipped for child safety seats. You may also want to purchase a car that has child safety locks. Is the car top heavy and more likely to turn over on sharp curves? How does the car rate when it comes to front, rear, and side impact collisions? If your car proves safe for everyone in and around it, you’re more likely to get cheap insurance for it.

Plan prior to the purchase. Know exactly where you’re going to store the car. Do you live in the suburbs and have your own garage with a lockable door? Or is your only option to park the car on the side of the street? If you live in an apartment complex that rents or sells parking spaces, fork over the extra cash. If an insurance company knows your car is more likely to be safe when not in use, you’re that much closer to cheap insurance for your new car.

There are many factors considered when seeking cheap insurance for a new car; some are uncontrollable like your age. Those that can be controlled, however, should be.

To get free quotes and learn more about insurance please visit the following recommended sites.

Cheap Home Owner Insurance Quote

If you are in the market for a home owner insurance policy, but just can not seem to find a quote that is both cheap and adequate, you might be making the same often overlooked mistake that many home owners make when purchasing home owner insurance you may be confusing factors that are not related to your home’s rebuilding costs.

When you purchase a home owner insurance policy designed to compensate you for the costs of rebuilding your home, you are getting just that the amount of money needed to rebuild your home. So, you and your home owner insurance company are going to have to figure out what that amount of money is and settle on a home owner insurance quote monthly, quarterly, or annually paid premiums. However, when taking into account the value of the home, many home owners often make the mistake of including the land on which the home sits.

Stop and think for a moment. When you purchase a home owner insurance policy, in essence you are purchasing protection from theft, fire, water, and wind damage. The land on which your home sits is not at risk for being burglarized or catching fire (unless you live in a wooded area, in which case you can not single handedly repopulate the forest). Wind damage usually only leaves debris in your yard; it is most likely not going to pick up chunks of land and carry them away. Major water damage would be the result of a flood, and home owner insurance policies do not cover floods.

Since the land on which your home sits is not susceptible to the same kinds of damage to which your home is susceptible, you should not include your land when you search for a cheap home owner insurance quote. Your home owner insurance quote will be much cheaper if you focus only on your home, your possessions, and personal liability.

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Cheap Home Owner Insurance – Self Insure And Save Money

The whole concept of insurance revolves around protecting the assets of an individual from financial loss due to an unpredictable event. The reason that we purchase insurance is to protect ourselves from financial disasters. We rely upon the insurance company to take on the risk in exchange for the premiums that we pay. The average consumer spends very little time thinking about insurance purchases. The insurance professional is expected to do most of the thinking for us and advise us on what is best.

There is a simple principle that can be applied to almost all of your property and casualty insurance purchases that will save you premium dollars. Self insuring is that principle. The smart insurance shopper eventually grasps the concept of self insurance. The whole idea around self insurance is using deductible options and eliminating unnecessary coverage. The days of the $100 Collision deductible on auto insurance is fading fast and it should. The higher deductible saves you in premium dollars. That is what we call self insuring. When you change your deductible from $100 to $500 you are taking on the risk for the first $500 of physical damage. You can do the same on the homeowner’s policy. You will lower your premium and still be covered for any major loss.

You will save a ton of money in the long run. You don’t have enough claims over a lifetime to warrant having a low deductible. You are paying the insurance company money for services they may never perform. You will save thousands of dollars by keeping your deductibles $500 or higher.

There are a lot of optional coverage’s in auto and homeowners insurance that you may want to eliminate to save money. Most states have tort options. Tort is your right to sue. Full tort verses limited tort can sometimes be a difference of 20% in your auto insurance premium. Rental reimbursement and towing benefits are added onto auto insurance all the time. You may want to self insure for these and save premium dollars as well.

The insurance purchase can be easier and more affordable if you can grasp the mindset of self insuring. Your agent will welcome your thinking on this because most agents think self insurance is best for their customers.