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Insurance Tips which type of insurance is best for you?

While shopping for insurance, it is necessary to follow all steps so that you can select the best insurance that will provide you better opportunities at cheap rates. Select your insurance plan according to the changing environment.

Too much insurance means wastage of money and too little insurance can result into financial disaster for you and your family. In this article you will find insurance tips that will help you in making proper selection of insurance policy.

The first step is to decide that how much insurance is needed. You can either do this yourself or take help of an insurance expert having full knowledge of insurance policies and procedures. You can also follow self-help books & software programs to find out your insurance needs.

The second step is to decide upon the type of insurance policy you want; life, auto, health, dental, travel, home etc. For e.g. if you are in need of life insurance and what type of life insurance you need like term life, whole life, universal life.

After deciding the insurance level and its type, the next step is to choose the best price for your insurance plan. There are different companies providing various types of insurance plans at different rates. The price you have to pay mostly depends upon your age, gender and medical condition. Before buying insurance policy, gather information about the financial condition of the company. The different rating scales of an insurance company are A.M. Best Company, Duff & Phelps, Moody’s Investors Service etc.

After receiving your insurance policy document, study it thoroughly and make sure that the policy is exactly what you demanded. Read all the policy terms and conditions written on the document. If you are satisfied or in any case you want your money back, you are also allowed to return the policy & get a full refund within 20 days.

The last step is filling the form and you must be careful when the agent is filling your application form. After completion read it cautiously and then sign it.

Tips To Make Your Online Business More Competitive

The internet is a great place to do business but you’re only going to be successful if you beat your online competitors and reach your target audience before they do.

If you’re running an online business, you’ve probably heard that you need to target a small and specific market or niche to be successful. But success is also possible in markets with lots of competition. Competition in a market is a sign of a healthy marketplace.

So, how do you make your online business competitive in a big market? And, on the flip side, how do you know when your market is too small and will not be profitable.

1. Create Something That Lasts

Don’t just concentrate on short-term profits. Reach out to your prospective customers and help them to solve the problems in their lives. When you make a difference to peoples’ lives you can create a successful online business irrespective how much competition you have.

2. Fish Where The Fish Are Biting

Ensure that you’re selling products and services in a niche where your prospects are very responsive to your offers. This market will be successful, whether you’re competing with thousands of other websites or just a few.

3. Check Offline Sources

Your local bookstore can help you narrow down your market if it is too broad. A simple trick is to go to your local bookstore and look at the chapter titles and other relevant information in books about your marketplace. These chapter titles can give you great pointers to new market areas.

4. Ask Your Audience

If you have a customer list, ask them what issues they want to resolve? From the answers you receive, create a solution which will generate traffic and sales.

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Insurance Tips For Homeowners And Renters

Whether you’re a homeowner or renter, insurance provides critical protection.

Homeowner’s insurance protects your home’s physical structure and your personal property. In contrast, renter’s insurance only protects your personal property. Everyone-homeowners and renters-needs liability coverage to provide financial protection in case others are injured on your property or by your actions.

You have the option to insure your home and belongings for either their replacement cost or their actual cash value. Actual cash value is the amount it would take to repair your home or replace damaged possessions after factoring in depreciation. Replacement cost is the amount it would take to repair your home with materials of similar kind and quality, or to purchase new possessions without deducting for depreciation.

It’s a good idea to make an inventory of all of your personal belongings and save receipts for major items, along with a photograph or video of each room. Store copies of the documentation in a safe-deposit box or another off-site secure location in case your home is destroyed.

Following are some helpful considerations provided by The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), a voluntary organization of state insurance regulatory officials:

Important Considerations

If you have expensive valuables -such as jewelry, antiques or art-you’ll probably want to purchase a “rider” to your policy, as these items are subject to coverage limitations in basic policies.

Damage to your home or belongings caused by flooding is NOT typically included in a homeowner’s policy. If you live in an area prone to flooding, inquire about flood insurance through the federal government’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Your insurance agent can help you obtain flood insurance.

Insurance Tips for Different Life Stages

At different stages, you’re likely to have different insurance needs. For instance:

• Young singles who are sharing an apartment with unrelated roommates each need their own individual renter’s policy to protect their own possessions.

• Young families that add a swing set or trampoline for their kids should consider additional liability insurance.

• Established families that may be remodeling or building an addition should update their homeowner’s policy to reflect these enhancements.

• Seniors should ask if they are eligible for discounts. And if you’ve just paid off your mortgage -and your homeowner’s insurance was previously paid through your mortgage company-be sure to assume direct responsibility for the premiums so that your policy doesn’t lapse.

Remember, before you sign an application for insurance, take a few minutes to stop, call your state insurance department and confirm that the company is legitimate and authorized to sell insurance in your state.

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Insurance Safety Net For You

In the event of any unexpected accident or loss, in order to be able to tide over the same, individuals and companies opt for insurance policies. This is where the loss is transferred to a third party who bears the brunt. There are two parties involved in this agreement, the insurer and the insurance company where the policy has been taken. When a person dies, meets with an accident and becomes handicapped, or if the vehicle meets with an accident, are some cases where insurance comes in as a safety net. An insurance policy could be for any of these purposes — health, life, medical, vehicle or general insurance. The duration is decided upon while signing the agreement.

Ultimately insurance is a protection against unwarranted and unexpected events. The payoff of an insurance policy takes place only when a bad event takes place. It could be sudden death, personal or vehicular accidents, injury, illness or disability. For these purposes, insurance is something that must be taken seriously. It is like that ad we grew up watching, Insurance truly is a “Don’t leave home without it.” At the same time, you must consider all options before you actually get a policy. Smart customers choose, compare and only then buy. Make sure that you are a smart customer.

Since there are many companies offering insurance policies, one must do some research and ground work before buying a policy. The policy needs to satisfy all the customer’s needs and serve the purpose when the time comes. Some of the points that one needs to keep in mind are as follows:

1. Services offered – You must analyze the various insurance companies that are available, go through their policies and choose the one that offers the products and services that match your needs, in terms of duration, risk coverage and time taken to reimburse payment.

2. Financial stability – The company you choose must have a sound credit standing in the market and should have the ability to cover all the clauses mentioned in the policy on time. If not you will end up spending out of your pocket.

3. Premiums – Premium is an amount that the insurer pays to the insurance company at regular intervals during the year till the policy matures. Depending on the policy taken, the premium payable will vary. So compare the options available based on age, term of the policy, the type of policy and the value of the same. Sometimes the premium amount might seem very high, but the company will offer extra. Pay attention to details to protect yourself from misleading policies.

4. Reputation and License – One major factor that you must note is whether the company has a good reputation in the market. You can gather this information by talking to friends or colleagues who have policies with the company. Also the company needs to have a valid license and authorization from the Government to practice and issue policies. If not their policy will not hold good.

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Insurance Rate Methods

The price of insurance depends ultimately on the risk the insurer is taking on on behalf of the customer. Simply put, this will depend on the chance of the insured event occurring, and the likely cost of the outcome. The way insurers calculate this risk, and quantify the amount of the premium, is through the use of what is known as actuarial science. Using certain probability and statistical mathematical models, the insurance company can predict with a fair degree of accuracy, the approximate cost of future claims.

For example, supposing a someone wishes to insure their $100,000 home against fire. For argument’s sake, lets assume that 1 in a 1000 homes in this area burn down every year. This would mean that just to break even, on the mathematical model, the insurance company would have to charge $100 a year for the premium. What the insurance company will in fact do is charge something more than $100, say $120. This extra $20 will cover the overhead costs of the insurance company’s operation. It will also cover an amount for profit of the insurance company. The only other way the insurance company generates profits is by investing all the policy premiums it is paid. That way, all the premiums earn interest, or investment returns, while they are in the possession of the insurance company. While this method represents a significant income for the insurance company, the majority of insurance company’s funds do actually come from the payment of premiums.

It has been argued that those who pay premiums and do not have to make a claim lose out by effectively wasting their unused premium. In this sense, the insurance industry can not be held to produce any net gain for society, and therefore, the huge profits they generate are unwarranted. Defenders of insurance companies however claim that the peace of mind they offer to all their customers is a significant societal benefit which they provide. Simply knowing that you will be compensated if disaster strikes you is worth something to people, even if the disaster never strikes.

The funds the insurance company holds, from premiums that have not been claimed for payouts, is called its float. Massive profits can be generated from the float alone. While losses are just as possible as gains with all investments, the profits made from insurance company floats, for the five years ending 2003, was $68.4 billion. In the same period, insurance companies paid out $142.3 billion in insurance claims. Some do not believe that the insurance industry will be able to sustain itself for ever on profits generated by the float and so predict large premium rises for the future.

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