Painting and Waterproofing Outside Walls

Impernet Impermeabilizantes

The main corrosive agent of outside walls is the moisture caused by rain that builds up over time, even though we don’t notice, this could cause serious damage on property conditions; such as leaks, mould, waterlogging among others. In many cases, this damage cannot be repaired, making it necessary to demolish and rebuild entire areas.

Impernet, leading waterproofing company, recommends using paints made of acrylic resin in outside walls to protect against leaks, avoiding damage by moisture.

Elastomers paints are similar to other kind of paints: they can be diluted in water forming any color hue you desire. They form an impermeable plastic layer on the surfaces where they are used, sealing perfectly and avoid moisture accumulation.

Acrylic based paints have a higher cost than conventional paints, but it is worth making use of them because with a little more investment greater benefits are obtained, It should be noted that its service life can reach until 10 years.

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