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How To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Arkansas

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Health insurance here in Arkansas is expensive and it doesn’t appear likely to get much more affordable any time in the near future. In fact, right now close to 17% of all Arkansas residents are without health insurance of any kind and the percentage is likely to grow as more and more companies drop their group health coverage.

So is it even possible to still get affordable health insurance in Arkansas?

It is but you may have to rethink what it is you expect your health insurance to do.

But before we get into the nuts and bolts of finding affordable health insurance here in Arkansas there is some really excellent news for anyone who can’t qualify for health insurance because of a pre-existing condition or who can’t qualify for a number of other reasons. It’s called CHIP, or the Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool.

This is a special fund run by the state of Arkansas to provide health insurance to individuals who otherwise can’t get such insurance in the open market. Qualification is not based on income. To see if you or a member of your family qualifies for CHIP coverage go to

For the rest of us the search for affordable health insurance continues. If your place of employment offers health care coverage definitely look into it. Group health coverage is almost always less expensive than individual coverage.

If your place of employment does not offer health insurance or if you are self employed then it is up to you to find the best and the cheapest coverage you can.

Let’s start by going over a few ways that you can lower your cost of health insurance before you even apply.

First, if you smoke you simply need to stop. Smoking increases the cost of your health insurance by a tremendous amount. Also, if you are overweight set your mind to losing at least a few pounds. Your monthly health insurance premiums will be based, at least in part, on your Body Mass Index, or BMI. If you can lose even a few pounds you may slip down a peg on the BMI scale and that could save you hundreds of dollars a year in premium costs on your health insurance.

Increase your copay. Each time you go to the doctor’s office your insurance company pays a portion of the cost of that visit and you pay a portion. If you increase your contribution then your insurance company will reward you by lowering your monthly premium cost. This can be an especially good deal for people who do not see their doctor often each year.

You can also increase your deductible. The deductible is the amount you pay for your health care each year out of your own pocket before you even ask your insurance company to start paying. The higher your deductible the lower your monthly premium cost.

If health insurance still isn’t affordable but you have a home, some savings or other assets that need protecting, you might consider a super-high deductible policy. These are policies that have a deductible of $2,000 or even $3,000 per year. The premiums are quite low, but the downside is that your insurance will pay absolutely nothing toward your health care costs during most years.

What’s the point, then? The point is that if you are involved in a serious accident or if you suddenly fall ill to a catastrophic disease, your hospital and doctor’s bills can soar into the hundreds of thousands almost over night. If you have no insurance protection you could lose your home, your life savings and any other assets you own.

A super-high deductible insurance policy is a safety net that protects everything you’ve worked for if a serious situation develops.

But no matter which strategies you’ve chosen to lower your health insurance premiums, it’s now time to get online and find at least 3 different websites that allow you to make side-by-side comparisons of health insurance policies and prices from different insurance companies.

Make comparisons on at least 3 different sites. In this way you will be sure to see comparisons of all the different insurance companies offering health care insurance in Arkansas. Once you have done this then you can rest assured that you have gotten the most affordable health insurance available in Arkansas.

How To Get Affordable Health Insurance In Alabama

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I’m sure you’re aware that there is a national debate going on about how to make health insurance more affordable here in Alabama as well as elsewhere in the country. Unfortunately that same debate has been going on for decades, and until there is some relief on a national scale it is up to each of us individually to do whatever we can to get affordable health insurance in Alabama.

Alabama is a leader in the country when it comes to certain types of state-sponsored low-cost health insurance for kids, teens, college students, pregnant women and other groups. You may be surprised what’s available and what you or members of your family may qualify for.

For the rest of us the search for affordable health insurance in Alabama goes on. Fortunately there actually are several steps the average person can take to keep the cost of health care insurance affordable.

If your employer doesn’t offer group health insurance that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck for getting a group rate. Make of list of all the clubs, groups or associations that you belong to. A surprising number offer group health insurance to their members. Ask your friends if they belong to any groups or clubs or organizations that offer members group health insurance. Join whatever group you need to in order to get affordable health insurance.

Even some churches offer group health insurance. Ask around.

If you run a home-based business, even if your only employee is your spouse, ask your insurance agent if there is any way you can qualify for a group health plan.

If you smoke or use chew or any other tobacco product, you need to stop if you’re serious about finding affordable health insurance. Tobacco users pay more for health insurance -period.

Unfortunately the same is true about weight. People who are overweight pay more for health insurance. However, the good news is that losing even just a few pounds could put you in a lower weight category and save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Don’t participate in dangerous or extreme sports and don’t drive a fast sports car if you want the best rates on your health insurance.

Can you afford to increase your co-payment? Many people have a co-payment – that is, cash they pay to the doctor’s office each time they make a visit – of 20% to 25%. If you can afford to increase your co-pay to 50% it will save you considerably on your monthly premium. This is an especially good idea for people who do not see their doctor on a regular basis.

How much of a deductible can you afford? Again, you should consider the answer to this question carefully and weigh your decision because the amount you choose represents cash you will have to come up with each year to pay for your own medical treatment before your insurance company will even begin to kick in.

The more you can afford to pay as your deductible the less you will be asked to pay each month in premiums.

Now find at least 3 of the websites that permit you to compare prices for health insurance from different insurance companies here in Alabama. Make sure that you fill out the form the same way at all three websites so that your comparisons are valid, and then simply choose the company with the lowest price.

That’s all there is to it. You have now found the most affordable health insurance in Alabama and you can rest easy knowing that you will be saving as much money as possible each month while still getting the medical protection that you and your family need.

How To Get Affordable Health Insurance For Kids

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If you’re looking for affordable health insurance for your kids, look no further. The National Association of Social Workers may have just the solutions you’re looking for.

According to the National Association of Social Workers, too many kids are left without proper health insurance because their parents either don’t know about the options out there for their kids or they believe that purchasing health insurance for their kids will be too expensive. However, to date “a new nationwide health insurance program is beginning,” which means families who work, but still can’t afford adequate and affordable health insurance for their kids, will be able to get health insurance for free or at a low cost.

Also to date, a Children’s Health Insurance Program is being designed in each State throughout America to help make health insurance for kids even more affordable; this is also thanks to the National Association of Social Workers. For the time being, most children from low income families qualify for Medicaid for free.

Obviously the National Association of Social Workers has been hard at work making sure your kids can get the affordable health insurance they need. Remember, just because you aren’t able to find work that offers health insurance benefits for you or your children doesn’t mean you are failing your children in anyway. You just have to take those extra steps to find out what’s out there for your kids and how you can obtain it for them.

If you are having a difficult time getting your kids the adequate and affordable health insurance they need, you are not alone, and the National Association of Social Workers is working to make sure you, and no one else, has to be in these situations again.

To get free quotes and learn more about insurance please visit the following

recommended sites.

How To Get Affordable Car Insurance In Wisconsin

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Good behavior pays off, especially when you’re trying to get affordable car insurance in Wisconsin. Asking your auto insurance agent about good driver rewards, i.e. discounts on WI car insurance for those drivers with stellar driving records, is a great way to save money on auto coverage. In Wisconsin, you may want to talk with a car insurance company about good driver discounts after you’ve gotten your free online car insurance quote.

What if you don’t have a good driving record? Below are a few tips to help you fix that.

Pay attention to traffic laws. Don’t run red lights, don’t ignore road signs, and don’t pass other vehicles in areas where it’s not allowed.

Obey the speed limit. This is a crucial traffic law that many drivers tend to ignore, or forget about. It’s easy to get caught up in your thoughts or with the radio, but speeding not only gets you pulled over and ticketed, but it also causes car accidents.

Satisfy court judgments. If you’ve been ticketed for any reason, make sure you promptly meet the requirements to satisfy the court judgment. This usually means paying a fine, but some locations may have other ideas for you.

Enroll in a defensive driving course. Sometimes enrolling in a defensive driving course is required to meet court requirements, and sometimes you can enroll in such a course to delete points from your driving record. Even if neither situation applies to you, car insurance companies love to see you’re trying to improve your driving skills.

Simply put, drive safely and obey the law. Remember, it takes time to improve your driving record; however, it’s certainly worth it.

In addition to this helpful money-saving point, provides a great number of tips to help you save money on auto coverage in Wisconsin. They even supply free online car insurance quotes to help you decide which auto insurer, and policy, to choose.

How To Get Affordable Car Insurance In South Carolina

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Finding affordable car insurance is the dream of practically every driver in South Carolina! And guess what? If you follow the tips in this article your dream just may become a reality!

Let’s start with first things first. The car you drive. Are you aware that some cars cost a lot more to insure than others? If you are in the market for a car it would serve you well to consult with your car insurance agent first and get a list of the cars which cost the least to insure.

Probably the most important determinant of whether or not you’ll find affordable car insurance in South Carolina is your own driving record. If your record is spotless then there is a very good chance that we’ll be able to save you quite a bit of cash each month. However, if you have speeding tickets or other moving violations or if you have a conviction for DUI or DWI then it’s going to be some time before we can find you the very best rates.

However, there are a few things virtually everyone can do that will save them money on car insurance.

Can you garage your car at night? If so, is your car insurance agent aware that you are putting your car in a garage at night? Making your agent aware of this could save you money month after month.

Could you possibly carpool to work? If you don’t drive your car to and from work everyday your insurance will be less every month. If you have recently stopped working for any reason and you are no longer driving back and forth to work at all, inform your agent as this can save you a fair amount of cash every month.

Is it possible for you to cut back on the number of miles you drive each month? Many people are now using public transportation as their “second car” and garaging their regular car as much as possible. If you can cut your driving miles to below 500 every month you may be due for a rather nice Low Mileage Discount on your insurance.

Do you belong to any clubs, groups or organizations which offer group car insurance to their members? You may belong to such a group and not even be aware of it. Even some religious organizations are offering their members discount car insurance. Ask around.

Adding a simple anti-theft device to your vehicle could save you money every month. Ask your agent if there is a discount for buying and using a steering wheel locking device or possibly a simple electronic device that disables your fuel pump unless you key in a special code.

Students under 25 can get a 5% Good Student Discount if they maintain a “B” grade average.

People 55 and older can get a 10% savings if they take and pass a special driver’s refresher course. Not every insurance company offers this discount so ask your agent if you qualify.

Don’t file small, inconsequential claims. The longer you can go without filing a claim against your car insurance company the less you will pay for insurance. Some companies begin handing out rewards in as few as six claim-free months.

What about your deductible? This is a tricky proposition because the higher your deductible the lower your monthly insurance payment, but by the same token the higher your deductible the more money comes out of your pocket or purse anytime you file a claim.

Now it’s time to take the tips you’ve gotten from this article and find a minimum of 3 different websites that make it easy for you to compare the prices of car insurance from a variety of insurance companies. The real trick is to put the exact same information into the form on all 3 websites – in this way you are comparing the same policy on all 3 sites.

The rest is simple. All you need to do now is to choose the lowest price and you’re done! Now you know exactly how to get affordable car insurance in South Carolina and you’ll be saving money month after month, year after year!

How To Get Affordable Car Insurance In New Hampshire

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New Hampshire is one of just a handful of states that do not require their residents to purchase automobile insurance. At least New Hampshire does not require its good drivers to purchase car insurance of any kind.

And while it is true that the state of New Hampshire does not require good drivers to purchase car insurance, the reality is that, for a number of reasons, well over half of all New Hampshire residents do purchase car insurance.


To begin with, many people who purchase cars finance their purchase. If you finance your car that is, if you make a monthly car payment then your vehicle’s lien holder will require that you purchase liability, collision and comprehensive car insurance; some lien holders require uninsured motorist coverage as well.

In addition to those vehicles which are financed, the state of New Hampshire only allows good drivers to drive insurance-free. A Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) conviction will get you three years of state-mandated liability car insurance instantly. A second conviction will up the ante to five years of liability coverage.

New Hampshire also has a system of “points” which can earn you the distinction of having to buy liability car insurance. Points are added to your record for such things as speeding tickets, running a stop sign or a red light, not obeying a police officer’s directions, driving on a sidewalk and several other offenses. The number of points required to trigger the state mandating that you purchase liability car insurance is determined by your age.

But whether the state requires you to purchase car insurance or a lien holder requires you to have insurance before driving off of a car lot, the questions still remains: how do I get affordable car insurance in New Hampshire?

Start by keeping your driving record clean. DWI or DUI convictions are going to cause your insurance premiums to go through the roof.

One of the most dramatic things you can do to lower you car insurance premiums is to increase your policy’s deductible. The deductible is the amount of money you agree to pay out of your own pocket before your insurance company is required to pay anything against a claim. Since your insurance company pays less when you have a high deductible, your insurance company charges you less for your premiums.

Next get online and find two or three websites that permit you to make comparisons between different car insurance companies. Fill in the information on at least two of these comparison sites and you should be able to get affordable car insurance and feel confident that you have found the best possible rate for you and your situation that you can possibly find in the entire state of New Hampshire.

How To Get Affordable Car Insurance In Massachusetts

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Almost every driver in Massachusetts is looking for affordable car insurance. And why not? You may have to purchase car insurance to drive a vehicle on a public road in Massachusetts, but there’s no sense in over-paying for your insurance.

One of the surest ways of finding affordable car insurance in Massachusetts is to compare the prices of car insurance online. However, unless you know how to fill out the forms on the price comparison websites so that you create the lowest-priced car insurance policy to begin with you’re really not going to save all that much money.

So let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to create a low-priced policy.

Can you keep your car in a garage at night? If your car is not parked in the open, available to thieves and vandals, you will save money on your insurance each month.

Can you drive less? Taking public transportation for as much of your “driving” as possible could save you money in several ways, including lower car insurance. If you can keep your driving under 500 miles per month you may qualify for a Low Mileage Discount.

A portion of your premium is probably based on the fact that you drive back and forth to work everyday. If you could carpool and cut the number of days that you drive back and forth to work each month in half, the savings on your car insurance could be substantial.

If you stop working and stop driving to work and back at all you should definitely let your agent know.

Make automatic premium payments from your bank account each month. If your insurance company doesn’t have to send out a bill each month they should reward you by giving you a small break on your insurance.

Some companies give you a hefty break on your insurance if you purchase even simple anti-theft devices such as a steering wheel lock or a device to disable your fuel pump unless you hit a secret switch. Ask your agent if installing such security devices will lower your insurance costs.

Find group car insurance. Often you can purchase low-cost group car insurance at your place of work. If not, see if any clubs or organizations or groups that you belong to offer their members group car insurance. If not, ask family and friends if they belong to any groups or associations that offer members low cost group car insurance – if so, see about joining.

If you are married put the wife on the policy as the primary driver and the husband as the secondary driver. Women pay less for car insurance and setting up your policy in this way will save you money every month.

If you have towing or car rental through AAA or through a credit card, then there is no need to pay for it each month as part of your car insurance.

Young drivers should stay in school and keep their grades up. A “B” or better grade should earn you a minimum 5% Good Student Discount.

Older drivers can sometimes get a break on their insurance if they take a special driver’s refresher course. Talk to your agent and see if your company offers this discount.

Older cars that have little or no Kelly Blue Book value should be removed from any comprehensive or collision coverage. In fact, your vehicle loses value each year and you should be decreasing your collision and comprehensive coverage to match your car’s declining value.

Increase your deductible. This is a sure-fire way to lower your monthly car insurance premium, but care must be taken that you don’t increase your deductible to the level that you can’t afford to pay it if you should have a claim.

Finally you’ll want to find at least 3 websites that encourage you to compare the prices of car policies from different insurance companies. Using everything you have learned from this article you should fill out the forms on a minimum of 3 different websites. But be careful that you fill out all three forms in exactly the same way so that your comparisons have some value.

Once you’ve done this then all that’s left is for you to choose the lowest-priced policy and smile, smile, smile, since you now know exactly how to get affordable car insurance in Massachusetts and save money month after month!

How To Get Affordable Car Insurance In Maryland

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If you drive a car on any public road in Maryland you must have car insurance. That’s the law. If you break this law you are subject to some rather severe penalties which include (but are not limited to) having your registration revoked and having your car’s license plates confiscated. There can be additional penalties as well.

In Maryland you are required to carry liability insurance, uninsured motorist insurance (UM) and you must carry personal injury protection (PIP). If your car is financed then your lender will undoubtedly require that you also carry collision and comprehensive insurance as well.

None of this insurance is free, which has many motorists in Maryland scrambling to get affordable car insurance. Fortunately there are things you can do to help keep the cost of insuring car as low as possible.

The first thing you need to do is to resolve to drive safely and legally. If you receive a speeding ticket not only will you be forced to pay a hefty court fine, your car insurance rates will also skyrocket and they will remain high for several years to come.

Likewise, if you are convicted of drunk or impaired driving you can expect to pay two or three times as much for your car insurance for quite some time to come. Speeding and driving under the influence are both things that are totally under your control; if you are convicted of any of these offenses you have no one to blame but yourself for your higher car insurance premiums.

If you are in school and you can maintain a “B” grade point average then you can probably qualify for what is called a Good Student Discount, which translates into a monthly savings of about 5% on your car insurance premiums.

If you are 55 or older you may experience a rate increase based on age. However, many insurance companies encourage their older drivers to take a refresher driver’s course; for those who successfully pass such a course the savings on their monthly car insurance premium can be as great as 10%.

If you have an older car, especially one that is fully paid for, you may wish to consider dropping collision and comprehensive coverage. Dropping those coverages will save you considerably on your insurance premiums.

If you drop collision and comprehensive and you are involved in an accident your insurance will not pay for the repair of your vehicle but to be honest, if your car has little or no Kelly Blue Book value then your insurance would not have paid much, if anything, even if you had paid for the coverage.

The final thing you can do is to increase your deductible. The more money you are willing to pay out of your own wallet any time you have a claim, the less your insurance company will charge you in premiums.

Now that you have designed the best possible car insurance policy for your circumstances it is time for you to get online and compare car insurance policies between different insurance companies and their rates. If you truly want to get affordable car insurance in Maryland then you will need to fill out all of the required information on at least 3 different comparison websites. In this way you will be certain to be comparing all of the car insurance companies in Maryland and you can rest easy knowing that you have truly found the most affordable car insurance in Maryland.

How To Get Affordable Car Insurance In Louisiana

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Louisiana does not tolerate drivers who drive without car insurance. Did you know that if you are stopped for any reason and you cannot show proof of current insurance the officer who stopped you has the power to physically remove your car’s license plates right then and there and impound your car? And did you know that if you can’t show proof of insurance within 3 days your license plates can be destroyed?

Don’t risk that happening. Instead learn how to get affordable car insurance in Louisiana and rest easy every night.

Luckily there are several simple things you can do that will help to lower the cost of your car insurance.

Pay your premium automatically each month out of your checking account.

Park your car in a garage at night.

Cut down on your driving. Use public transportation for the majority of your “driving” and leave your car parked at home. If you can lower your monthly driving to below 500 miles per month you may qualify for a substantial Low-Mileage Discount.

Don’t file a bunch of small claims. If you can go six to twelve months without filing a claim you may qualify for a Good Driver Discount.

Join or start a carpool at work. Did you know that a portion of your monthly premium is based on the number of times you drive back and forth to work every month? If you can cut that number in half then you will qualify for a discount on your car insurance.

Likewise, if you retire or stop driving to work for any other reason let your agent know. You could save quite a bit on your car insurance every month.

See if you can find group car insurance. Often your place of employment may offer its workers low-cost group car insurance. But even if your work doesn’t offer group car insurance you still may be able to find it through one of the clubs, organizations, associations or groups you or a friend or a family member belongs to.

If you are married listing the wife as the primary driver and the husband as the secondary driver will save you money.

Some companies will give you a discount if you purchase and use a simple steering wheel locking device. Talk to your agent about other simple and inexpensive anti-theft devices that could save you money month after month.

If you have AAA or if you have a credit card that provides for free towing then don’t bother to pay for towing through your car insurance.

If your car is an older model, especially one that no longer has much Kelly Blue Book value, drop your collision and comprehensive coverage and put aside what you save for a newer car.

Increasing your deductible will save you money on your premium payment immediately. Just don’t agree to pay a larger deductible than you can actually afford to pay.

Buying your car insurance online will almost always save you money, but don’t fall into the easy trap of thinking that you just have to compare prices at only one of the websites designed for making quick and easy price comparisons. Each site only compares a limited number of insurance companies; if you really want to find the very best deal possible you’ll need to compare policy prices on at least 3 different sites.

You’ll also need to use what you have learned in this article and fill out the forms on all three sites exactly the same. In this way you’ll be comparing the same insurance policy each time and your comparison will actually make sense.

Once you’ve finish making your comparisons then it’s a simple matter of choosing the lowest-priced policy you can find. You’re done. You’re now an expert when it comes to knowing how to get affordable car insurance in Louisiana.

How To Get Affordable Car Insurance In Iowa

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If you live in Iowa it’s possible that you don’t even need to purchase automobile insurance. It’s true. If you have a clean driving record, and if you have the financial resources to pay for any accident you do become involved in, then you can legally drive in Iowa without automobile insurance.

Those two “ifs” are pretty important. You must have a clean driving record, and you must be financially responsible. Most people can’t really qualify under these two conditions.

And if your vehicle is being financed then your lender is not going to be so understanding you’ll be forced to buy insurance if you have a loan on your car.

So how do you get affordable car insurance in Iowa? Actually there are several things you can do that will help to keep the cost of your monthly premium affordable and once you’ve taken all the steps you can to keep rates low, then you’re going to compare prices head-to-head online and find the best possible rate.

Let’s start by looking at your driving record. This is where many people have the most trouble with their insurance rates. If you want good car insurance rates then you must drive legally and responsibly. You can’t get tickets for speeding or any other moving violation. A DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) conviction and you can kiss the best car insurance rates good-bye for years. Multiple DUI or DWI convictions and you’ll be forced to purchase insurance from a high-risk pool at rates that will make you lightheaded.

If you are under 25 and have the choice you should stay in school and keep your grade point average at least 3.0 and then collect a 5% Good Student Discount each and every month on your car insurance!

Drivers who are 55 or older can also get a break on their premium if they take and pass a special driver’s refresher course. Talk to your agent as not all insurance companies make this discount available.

Older cars that no longer have any Kelly Blue Book value should not be insured for collision or comprehensive coverage since your insurance company will only pay you Blue Book value if your car is in an accident.

Do you drive only a few miles each week, perhaps to the grocery store and back with an occasional visit to a friend or a trip to the doctor? If so you may qualify for a low-mileage discount. Talk to your agent.

How much of a deductible can you really afford? Remember, your deductible represents cash that you have to come up with yourself if you have a claim, so be realistic about how much you can afford but the more you can afford for your deductible the less you will pay each month in premium payments.

All right, now it’s time to find those comparison websites that are all over the net and start comparing policies and prices. Just keep in mind that you need to take the extra time to make your comparisons on at least 3 different websites so that you can be certain of comparing all of the different insurance companies operating in Iowa.

It takes a little extra effort to make comparisons at multiple sites, but you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank each month if you do with all the cash you’ll be saving.