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Apple to take ‘deeper look’ at disputed borders

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Apple Map showing CrimeaImage copyright Apple Maps
Image caption Apple Maps does not show a border between Crimea and Russia, to the east

Apple says it is taking “a deeper look” at how it handles disputed borders.

Ukraine criticised the tech giant for showing Crimea as part of Russia’s territory on its Maps and Weather apps.

An Apple spokeswoman says the company follows international and domestic laws and the change, which is only for users in Russia, had been made because of new legislation there.

Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 was condemned by much of the international community.

In a statement, Apple stressed “we have not made any changes to Apple Maps regarding Crimea outside of Russia.

“We review international law as well as relevant US and other domestic laws before making a determination in labelling on our Maps and make changes if required by law.”

Apple added it as a result of its review of how disputed borders are handled, it might make more changes in the future.

“Our intention is to make sure our customers can enjoy using Maps and other Apple services, everywhere in the world.”

Ukrainian condemnation

The changes to Apple’s Crimea map for users in Russia were announced earlier in the week by the State Duma, Russian parliament’s lower house, in a statement, which described the former boundaries as an “inaccuracy”.

“Crimea and Sevastopol now appear on Apple devices as Russian territory,” the statement read.

Russia treats the naval port city of Sevastopol as a separate region.

Apple has been in talks with Russia for several months and had hoped to keep Crimea as an undefined territory, part of neither Russia nor Ukraine.

Google, which produces its own popular map app, also shows Crimea as belonging to Russia when viewed from the country. That change happened in March.

Apple’s move brought sharp condemnation from Ukraine.

Ukrainian foreign minister Vadym Prystaiko tweeted: “Apple, please stick to hi-tech and entertainment. Global politics is not your strong side.”

Ukraine’s US embassy was equally critical on Twitter.

“We guess Ukrainians not giving any thanks to @Apple this #Thanksgiving. So let’s all remind Apple that #CrimeaIsUkraine and it is under Russian occupation – not its sovereignty,” it tweeted.

Russian ex-world chess champion Garry Kasparov added his voice, calling the decision “unacceptable appeasement”.

He added: “Software is soft power. American tech companies should stand up for the values of innovation that made their success possible, not bow down to dictators for a little extra cash they don’t even need.”

Amazon: What does ‘peak season’ mean for employees?

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Amazon fulfilment centreImage copyright Getty Images
Image caption Amazon’s fulfilment centres are huge out-of-town warehouses

Amazon orders are pouring into warehouses around the world as people rush to buy Christmas gifts and take advantage of Black Friday deals.

But for those fulfilling these orders, peak season – as workers call the run-up to Christmas – is not especially festive.

It means long hours, hard work and for some, difficult decisions.

One young woman working at an Amazon warehouse in the US describes driving hundreds of miles to drop her child with his father for the whole Christmas period. Her schedule means she cannot look after him.

She posted a picture of herself and her child in their car on a Facebook group.

The BBC gained access to the group, which has 20,000 members, and is a place where workers discuss their jobs, lives and working conditions.

Image caption Work at the Manchester Airport site is organised and seems fairly leisurely on the day I visited

Amazon insists that it pays industry-leading wages and that working conditions in its warehouses are very good.

Jeff Bezos, chief executive and one of the world’s richest men, has resisted calls for unionisation.

The Facebook group paints a complex picture of the firm.

Lots of people say they are worried about being fired.

Some (but not many) of the group appear to enjoy their jobs; lots of people make light of their daily routines with black humour, memes and videos. Sometimes they share good news about promotions or bosses spontaneously buying them pizza.

One has posted a live video of recent protests at a Staten Island warehouse alleging poor working conditions.

The first comment below it reads: “They will take names and six months from now none of those people protesting will be working there any more.”

Others point out that there did not seem to be much of a crowd, with some saying that while they agreed with the sentiment, it was “stupid” to protest.

Amazon told the BBC: “Fewer than five Amazon associates participated in the event outside the Staten Island fulfilment centre. It was obvious to the 4,500 full-time workforce that an outside organisation used our building and the upcoming retail holidays to raise its own visibility and spread misinformation.

“The fact is that Amazon provides a safe, quality work environment in which associates are the heart and soul of the customer experience, and the notable lack of Amazon employee participation shows that associates know this to be true.”

‘No more than five deaths’

One woman on bereavement leave is concerned that she won’t have a job when she returns because she is not sure how many times she is allowed to “be off” for family funerals. She seeks advice on the group.

“No more than five deaths” replies one.

Amazon responded: “Employees have time-off options they can choose to use if they would like.”

Another person on the group alleges that they earned just $20 (£15.50) for working an extra day while having $198 deducted for one sick day.

And another describes a car accident she had on the way to work.

After treatment in hospital, she called in to work to show her discharge papers to “prove” to HR that she has good reason for not being at work.

Even though the doctor prescribed bed rest for two-to-four days, the woman says she was advised she needed to return to her manager and start her shift, four hours into it. Not doing so will mean she falls into negative PTO/UPT (paid time off/unpaid time off).

The woman pointed out she couldn’t lift any objects and was on a lot of medication. She does the sensible thing and goes home. The next day she alleges she was fired.

Amazon said it could not comment on specific cases without names and the BBC has decided not to reveal the identities of those in the group.

The woman’s post receives a mixed response. One worker tells her she needs to start a lawsuit, saying that her bosses had agreed a settlement after she took them to court.

But another says she shouldn’t have used up all her UPT, as that is what it is for.

What no-one says is that she should take her case to a union.

Image caption Many fulfilment centres now employ robots (moving shelves essentially) to carry goods around the warehouse

On a recent visit to a fulfilment centre at Manchester Airport, I asked general manager Neil Travis why the firm was so against unionisation.

“We provide industry-leading pay and benefits and we deal directly with our team. We’d rather hear directly from them in terms of whether there are any issues, whether there is anything they want to share with us and whether there is anything we can do to help them,” he tells me.

“We have a forum that represents people within our building. We’d rather just have direct conversations with the people that work here, and that has been fairly well-received and respected by our teams.”

The UK’s GMB union said of Mr Travis’s response: “Amazon bosses are burying their heads in the sand if they don’t think they have a problem. Conditions are appalling.

“Their forum is clearly not fit for purpose. Amazon needs to get round the table with GMB and discuss ways to make their workplaces safer and to give their workers an independent voice.”

Amazon hit back, describing the union as “self-interested critics with a vested interest in spreading misinformation about Amazon”.

“The truth is that Amazon already offers industry-leading pay, comprehensive benefits, as well as a safe, modern work environment.”

Accidents and incidents

A Freedom of Information request, sent to the UK’s Health and Safety Executive by the union and shared with the BBC, suggested that reports of serious incidents at the Manchester Airport site had doubled over the past three years, from 10 in 2016/17 to 22 in 2018/19.

The reports include cases of workers fracturing bones, another suffering concussion, falls and a collision with heavy equipment.

Image caption The robot-powered shelves contain a variety of goods

For injuries to be reported to the UK’s Health and Safety Executive under Riddor (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulation) they must be:

  • from a list of specified injuries, including fractures, amputations, sight loss, crush injury, burns
  • so serious that the person has to have seven days off work

When I visit, a notice board in the lobby proudly proclaims that there have been 33 days since the last incident, although Mr Travis cannot say what that was. It turned out to have been a minor fall.

Meanwhile, evidence is mounting in the US that working conditions could be improved.

The New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health Administration said in its recent report, Time Off Task, that employees at the Staten Island distribution centre were encouraged to work faster and limit breaks, causing physical pain in 66% of the 145 workers surveyed.

Amazon dismissed the survey as “biased”, saying only a fraction of workers were questioned.

But an exclusive report from tech website Gizmodo suggested that Amazon’s own figures submitted to the OSHA revealed “staggering” injury rates at the warehouse.

According to one lawyer, they are higher than the national warehouse average and industries known to be dangerous, such as waste collection and policing.

In response, Amazon told the BBC a “snapshot of injury recordings” was misleading, adding that it invested heavily in safety.

“Safety training is constant, both in making sure employees know how best to work with the technology in the facility and also how to prevent injuries.

“There’s a dramatic level of under-recording of safety incidents across the industry. We recognised this in 2016 and began to take an aggressive stance on recording injuries, no matter how big or small, which can result in elevated recordable rates and makes comparisons difficult.”

Last month a worker died in an Amazon warehouse in Ohio. Although Billy Foister had a previous heart condition, and there is no suggestion his death was caused by working there, it is claimed his collapse went unnoticed at first, with co-workers told to go back to work.

On the Facebook group seen by the BBC, people claiming to have worked alongside him say that he had visited the warehouse’s medical clinic the week before, complaining of chest pains, but was not given any time off.

Amazon said it was “deeply saddened by the loss of one of our associates”.

“Billy Foister experienced a personal medical incident onsite and lost consciousness.

“Several trained and certified Amazon team members responded within three minutes to administer CPR and the AED (defibrillator) and did all they could to support him until local EMS (emergency medical services) arrived, within 10 minutes, to transport him to the hospital for further treatment.”

My trip to an Amazon warehouse

Image caption The worker bee has been a symbol of Manchester for centuries

On the wall of the Manchester Airport fulfilment centre is a worker bee – a symbol of Manchester since the 1800s, when the city was full of textile mills, commonly described as hives of activity, with the workers the “bees”.

Amazon’s fulfilment centres are the digital age’s equivalent and working conditions are undoubtedly a vast improvement on the mills of old.

It is far less frenetic than I expected. There are not hundreds of people hunched over workstations – in fact there are far more robots than people on the floor I visited.

Image caption I had a go at packing. I manage one parcel but the packer showing me the ropes told me he can do 230 per hour

General manager Mr Travis points out that the company runs public tours, with members of the public and schoolchildren invited to see conditions for themselves.

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TikTok apologises and reinstates banned US teen

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Media playback is unsupported on your device

Media captionFeroza Aziz: “I’m not scared of TikTok”

Chinese-owned social network TikTok has apologised to a US teenager who was blocked from the service after she posted a viral clip criticising China’s treatment of the Uighur Muslims.

The firm said it had now lifted the ban, maintaining it was due to 17-year-old Feroza Aziz’s prior conduct on the app – and unrelated to Chinese politics.

Additionally, the firm said “human moderation error” was to blame for the video being taken down on Thursday for almost an hour.

TIkTok, owned by Beijing-based ByteDance, has insisted it does not apply Chinese moderation principles to its product outside of mainland China.

Ms Aziz posted on Twitter that she did not accept the firm’s explanation.

“Do I believe they took it away because of a unrelated satirical video that was deleted on a previous deleted account of mine? Right after I finished posting a three-part video about the Uighurs? No.”

Image copyright TikTok
Image caption Ms Aziz said she wanted to raise awareness about China’s detainment of “innocent Muslims”

In an interview with BBC News reporter Vivienne Nunis, Ms Aziz said: “I will continue to talk about it, and I will talk about it on Twitter, on Instagram, on any platform I have, even TikTok.

“I’m not scared of TikTok, even after the suspension. I won’t be scared of TikTok.”

TikTok explanation

Eric Han, TikTok’s head of safety for the US, said Ms Aziz had been banned earlier this month after she posted a video containing an image of Osama Bin Laden.

“While we recognise that this video may have been intended as satire,” Mr Han said, “our policies on this front are currently strict.”

When TikTok bans users, it also prevents the same device being used to set up another account.

It was on a new account, set up on the same device, that Ms Aziz posted her video about the Uighurs, done in the style of a make-up tutorial, a popular genre on the network.

TikTok said that account was disabled after it ran a “platform-wide enforcement” that locked out Ms Aziz’s device, as well as 2,406 devices belonging to other users who had fallen foul of the site’s policies.

Mr Han wrote: “Because the user’s banned account (@getmefamousplzsir) was associated with the same device as her second account (@getmefamouspartthree), this had the effect of locking her out of being able to access her second, active account from that device.

“However, the account itself remained active and accessible, with its videos continuing to receive views.”

Image copyright Reuters

But on Thursday morning, the viral video – which has been viewed more than nine million times, across multiple networks – was also removed from TikTok, due to what Mr Han described as a “human moderation error”.

“It’s important to clarify that nothing in our community guidelines precludes content such as this video, and it should not have been removed,” he said.

“We would like to apologise to the user for the error on our part this morning.”

Rapid growth, added scrutiny

Human Rights Watch told the BBC that a lack of transparency is deserving of increased scrutiny.

“It is hard for outsiders to know the real reasons for the suspension of Aziz’s account,” said Yaqiu Wa, the non-profit’s China researcher.

“TikTok does not make public the data on the videos it removes or the users it suspends, or the artificial intelligence tools it uses to determine the removals and suspensions.

“While TikTok has repeatedly stressed that it does not take orders from the Chinese government in terms of what content it promotes or removes outside of China, it has done little to quench the suspicion, given that all Chinese companies are not only accountable to its shareholders, but also to the Chinese Communist Party.”

The incident marks an early, high-profile censorship dispute for TikTok, a network which has exploded in popularity over the past two years.

Globally, the app has now been downloaded 1.5 billion times, according to mobile intelligence analysts Sensor Tower.

It looks set to end 2019 as the third most-downloaded non-gaming app, ahead of rivals Facebook and Instagram.

That surge in popularity has caused concern in Western markets, due to the nature of its Chinese ownership.

In the US, TikTok’s deal to buy, a music-based social network, is now being examined by the US Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. The committee is looking specifically at data storage and privacy practices.

In February the firm was handed the largest ever fine for a US case involving children’s data privacy. The company agreed to pay $5.7m (£4.3m) over its handling of data on users who were under 13, acquired thanks to its takeover of


Follow Dave Lee on Twitter @DaveLeeBBC

Do you have more information about this or any other technology story? You can reach Dave directly and securely through encrypted messaging app Signal on: +1 (628) 400-7370

Top Song We Just Want Love By Gabriel K

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Teen’s TikTok video about China’s Muslim camps goes viral

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Feroza AzizImage copyright TikTok
Image caption Ms Aziz said she wanted to raise awareness about China’s detainment of “innocent Muslims”

A US teenager’s TikTok video clip accusing China of putting Muslims into “concentration camps” has gone viral on the Chinese-owned social network.

The post appears to be about beauty tips at its start – but the young woman then changes tack to ask her viewers to raise awareness of what she describes as a “another Holocaust”.

Feroza Aziz later tweeted that TikTok had blocked her from posting new content, as a result.

TikTok has disputed this.

“TikTok does not moderate content due to political sensitivities,” a spokesman told BBC News. Although, Douyin, the Chinese version of the app, on which Ms Aziz’s posts would not have appeared, is politically censored.

The company had permanently banned one of Ms Aziz’s old TikTok accounts on, 15 November, for posting an unrelated video that had broken its rules on terrorism-related material, he said.

As an additional measure, it had then blocked her smartphone, on 25 November, but that too had been unrelated to her posts about China.

“Her new account and its videos, including the eyelash video in question, were not affected and continue to receive views,” the spokesman added.

BBC News has contacted Ms Aziz and her family for comment.

For its part, the Chinese government has consistently said the camps in question offer voluntary education and training, despite evidence to the contrary.

Ms Aziz posted three videos about China’s treatment of the Uighur Muslims, between Sunday and Monday.

The first has been watched more than 1.4 million times and “liked” nearly 500,000 times on the app.

A copy uploaded to Twitter by other TikTok users has attracted a further five million views.

And further copies have been posted to YouTube and Instagram.

Part of the videos’ appeal is they are presented as a deliberate attempt to circumvent supposed censorship by TikTok’s Beijing-based owner, Bytedance.

Ms Aziz bookends her critical comments with talk about to make eyelashes look longer.

“I say that so TikTok doesn’t take down my videos,” she explains in one of the recordings.

Media playback is unsupported on your device

Media caption“An electric baton to the back of the head” – a former inmate described conditions at a secret camp to the BBC

While the version of TikTok used in mainland China does censor criticism of the Chinese Communist Party, the company says it does not take the same action against posts to the separate library of user-generated content it offers elsewhere.

And it notes other clips about the mistreatment of Uighurs within Chinese camps have been allowed to remain on its international platform, although they do not tend to get anywhere close to the amount of attention Ms Aziz has generated.

The 17-year-old’s videos were posted the same week BBC Panorama revealed how leaked documents detailed some of the measures used to brainwash hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the western region of Xinjiang.

They undermine China’s claims attendance at the camps is voluntary and designed to counter extremism.

China’s UK ambassador has dismissed the documents as “fake news”.

Media playback is unsupported on your device

Media captionChina’s UK ambassador: “This is a pure fabrication”

Ms Aziz provides her own list of abuses.

“Spreading awareness does wonders,” she says.

“We can reach millions across the world [and] reach those with the power to do something about it.”

The BBC has also confirmed that Ms Aziz is in control of a Twitter account created earlier this month. She has tweeted that TikTok has given her a one-month suspension and said that “China is terrified of the news [about the camps] spreading”.

Others have picked up on her posts, including a member of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute think tank, who called Ms Aziz’s use of TikTok “creatively subversive”.


Image copyright Reuters

By Kerry Allen, China media analyst

Any apps that operate within mainland China need to be approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Social networks recognise they are not allowed to operate unless they comply with local guidelines – and that means ensuring any content on their platform paints the government in a positive light.

TikTok, known locally as Douyin, is heavily filtered.

For example, in April 2018, it censored all mentions of British cartoon character Peppa Pig, concerned she was being used as a symbol of rebellion.

But the Chinese government is not concerned about, and has less control over, filtering content on the version offered overseas.

And in October this year, TikTok denied it screened anti-China content on its international app, saying all its US user data was stored in the United States, with a back-up in Singapore.

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