-oskar mike 3 your route is taking small arms fire divert
– copy oscar mike "i wondered if news was old could it be called news"

"I’m sorry madame your son will most likely die in the next few weeks we cannot evacuate him"

"yes madame I can see your burns are very bad but we only evacuate children"

"shes been hit in the head with a 20mm round, why are we evacuating her you don’t survive that"

"help me, help me the culture house is burning" I could see it was hopeless but I grabbed his bucket anyway we ran in and out with buckets of water, until the roof collapsed.

I swerved to avoid the unexploded artillery round sticking out of the road and marvelled once again that that dead donkey had all 4 legs sticking straight up.

what do you say to the man who’s son is blind and crippled from a grenade his farther left unattended while resting from the front.

Mirzeta smoked nervously, the serb leaned forward in the couch "are you armed" ? I looked him in the eye and said I wasn’t, he took a grenade from his pocket and said " I am", my fingers tightened on the grip of the pistol in my pocket and I smiled.

The building exploded and I realised I was lying on the ground without quite understanding how I got there. Martin Bell came running round the corner further adding to my sense of unreality.

the serb leaned in close to me, I could smell the alcohol on his breath, "if you aren’t from Sarajevo why do you speak our language so well" ?

I watched the cameraman from CNN crying and smoked a cigarette after I had finished taking them round the childrens ward.

Why did the fan belt break on my wagon now of all times I have to get this kid home to be buried by tomorrow.

The man from the ministry of defence spread out his map and pointed to a building, "we would be interested to know what’s in this building here and we know there are tunnels here by this hydro dam, have you seen whats inside them" I thought to myself "so if i tell you to get lost I get no visas for my patients next time"

I put her picture in my wallet, the washington post reporter asked me why they shot her, "because they could" I replied.

The breeze was cool through the open window, I smoked idly and watched the artillery rounds lighting up the hills where the serbians had their positions, machine guns echoed across the valley.

Kriza grabbed me by the arm "you are drunk, lets go back" "i smiled hazily at him and said "I bet you 50 deutsch marks there are no mines there"

I smiled down at her and reasured her the doctors said they could take the shrapnel out of her head without it hurting.

Good evening Flikr folks, I was looking around for inspiration for number 9 last night and I opened my memory box, we all have one, full of old love letters post cards, bits and pieces, odds and ends. I took some of mine out and looked at them for a while and thought about the photograph I could use them in.

I spent the day at work demolishing more of the house I’m working on ( see earlier posts ) the snapshots of memory I have written down played across my mind while I worked like a demon to get things moving on the project. I thought about the pro’s and cons of posting this photograph and what I could possibly write about it.

I was still utterly undecided when I arrived home a small voice in my mind said "just get naked that’ll work and it will be easier". I sat down at my desk and fired up youtube and looked up Sarajevo. I sat for an hour lost on another planet I had once lived and worked. At the end I had been reminded I owed a debt and went ahead with this picture.

Things at the house are going brilliantly it’s now unrecognizable from when I first arrived and that’s a good thing. The house gave up it’s last surprise today when I found the owners hidden money stash and eyebrows shot up in the office when I carried in 3 heavy cash boxes and dropped them on the case workers desk. "maybe she can afford a new fridge with these" I said, I smiled and went out to eat my lunch.

Have a fantastic evening guys looking forward to seeing your shots, sorry for the late hour posting it has taken me a while to get this done.

Music for today

"My Immortal" – Evanescence
"when I was young" – Eric Burdon and the Animals
"Ako Ima Boga" – Bijelo Dugme
"S & M" – Rhianna yes my mind has wandered today 😛

Naturally I am open to critique on the picture so dont be shy if you feel I could have done it better or if you feel I shouldn’t have done it at all

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