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Shay Z Have New Single “Not Me” Like

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New release: Lyrics Video for the New Single “Not Me” by Shay Z. For the lyrics freaks and hip hop heads that need those words.

The song “Not Me” has a faster tempo and more disco elements that will make dancing very interesting to listen to. Shay Z is planned to begin a world tour, although no detailed schedule has yet been announced.

Please open on this spotify for new single from Shay Z.

Top Song We Just Want Love By Gabriel K

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Gabriel K is a Ugandan Singer and Musician who fuses Soul Into African Pop based in East Africa and With his debut album “done waiting” he opened up listeners to a unique blend of african rhythms blended with western pop/soul with a 90s tinge written all over it. The 16 track album continues to spike in listens. Currently he is working on a second album slated for release in December 2019. One of the best songs is “We Just Want Love” sung by Gabriel K with a very beautiful and steady

He has been in the entertainment industry for some time. He also doubles as a businessman with the advertising firm Brand Active being on of his business entities. Other business interests include NMA Media, City Elevators and Travel Active. Music is a passion that he does as a means to fulfil a God given talent. This comes through with the attention to detail that he uses to express the production element of the songs.

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Best Prophety Soundworks Sun Shine Song music

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Prophety Soundworks has a pretty good Acoustic music called Sun Shine. The hallmark of this music is technically a distinctive musical arrangement with a guitar melody with an echo effect combined with a synthesizer. The soft and breathy vocal sound is also one of the elements that characterizes the Sun Shine song.

If the alternative and psychedelic rock genres have an absurd character that is loud and gloomy, this Sun Shine song has the color of acoustic music that is “brighter” and happier. Listening to accoustic music will make you feel like you are in a dreamland or utopia with flowers and bright spring.

Prophety Soundworks-Sun Shine
Siehe Anhang

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The Legend Jay-M Song Top

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Going through daily activities feels empty without listening to music or favorite songs at all.

Who doesn’t like listening to music? Almost all humans like this one thing. And one of the most popular types of music is a song from Jay-M called The Legend.

The song titled The Legend is much in demand by people because it is easy-listening and easy to follow.

The Legend (Official Video)

Stream/Download here:

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Artist: Jay-M


Nice Samsara Music Song Filthy Habit

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Artist Name:Samsara
Song Name:Filthy Habit

Comprised of local New Yorkers from Queens and Long Island:

Dylan Trif (Lead Vocals), Charlie LoMonaco (Guitar and BackGround Vocals), John Devito ( Bass), Ben Bustamante (Drums and Background Vocals), Brendan Sandhovel ( Bass, Rhythm Guitar)

Charlie, Ben and John began playing music together at an early age through a local music school. Years later they connected with Dylan and Brendan and formed what is now Samsara.

Growing up on all things music, Samsara draws influence from several styles including, grunge, blues, funk, metal and alternative.

The teens of Samsara write their own music and offer a sound that is far beyond their years. They impress both the young and older crowds with their new and fresh rock tunes. Their songs are current and great to sing along to with their catchy melodies and rocking beats.

Currently performing at clubs and music venues on the Long Island and New York City music scene, while also playing music venues in the tristate area. Follow SAMSARA on their social media to stay tuned to all upcoming gigs and lookout for their EP in the upcoming months.

Nice Song Who Am I By LE-NOR

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Artist Name:LE-NOR
Song Name:Who Am I
Artist From:Georgia

LE-NOR is an independent poet, songwriter, and blogger from Atlanta, Georgia. A talented singer since the age of 5, she has experience performing in multiple genres – from pop, R&B, and country, to jazz and spoken word.

Like many great musicians, her songs come from a place of pain. LE-NOR had to endure a traumatic childhood, verbal and physical abuse, and bad relationships to get to where she is today, and these painful feelings are reflected in her music. Amidst all the adversity, poetry and songwriting have been her emotional outlets. Through self-expression, she turns the struggles of her past into positive, uplifting songs for the world to enjoy.

On November 2nd, 2019, LE-NOR published her first single “Believe… Dream…” on YouTube. The dance-infused track was written to inspire positivity and self-love, and encourage listeners to follow their dreams.

LE-NOR isn’t done yet – from here, she wants to perform live online concerts and release her music on all streaming platforms. Above all, she hopes to continue spreading her message of positivity, spirituality, and happiness. Fun fact: she can hold the same note for a full minute! You can find all of her music, poetry, and blog posts online at or, and subscribe to her YouTube channel: Le-NOR.

Popular Artist Park Row Horses F350 Song

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Artist Name: Park Row
Song Name : Horses F350 (Country Trap, Rap, Hip Hop)
Fresh country trap from Texas. Like and subscribe now! New videos coming soon.
Song Date: 2019

Social Media Links

Park Row is an entrepreneur with a passion for music and a path to pursuing his dreams.

Good 001 BEST’s SPPR Music

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Who doesn’t like listening to music? Almost all humans like this one thing. And one of the most popular types of music is the Pop Rap genre.

This song is much in demand by people because it is easy-listening and easy to follow. The pop rap song that is in high demand in 2019 is 001 Best Album SPPR Music Symphonic Psychedelic Pop Rap.

Artist name: 001 BEST

An unconventional weapon is blasting Music Industry: 001 BEST’s SPPR, Symphonic Psychedelic Pop Rap.
001 BEST
Unconventional artist from L’Aquila, Italy.
Founder of SPPR Music:
Symphonic Psychedelic Pop Rap.
Enjoy this at your own risk, you won’t get out of!


An unconventional weapon is blasting Music Industry: 001 BEST’s SPPR, Symphonic Psychedelic Pop Rap.

Song Name “Magic” by Latitude28 Band GReat

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Mainstream media is quick to offer up the latest to listen is still around because you can’t actually stop this from going on.

This applies to music that allows you to see the brighter side of things or situations. This is the stuff that changes moods that may make an insurmountable task surmountable. Music is deeply Emotional, Music is Compassionate, and Music compliments our lives.

The best of New song of the week is “Magic” , Latitude28 Band’s newest single shows a different side of the singer, a more personal and vulnerable element that we can all relate to.

Artist Name: Latitude28 Band
Artist Song Name “Magic”

Our Band’s First Official Single ‘MAGIC’ is Now Available on All Major Streams!
Click Here to Listen to it Now