NEO-Japan Event March 2018

NEO-Japan Event March 2018

Hello everyone!

Neo-Japan Event Team wants to thank you for coming to our first event round, 31st March to 22nd April 2018.

It is a great honour to watch our event venue sim at full capacity with visitors for almost two weeks, and this final third week is at a pleasant level of ten visitors on average.

Thank you so much for your support! We hope you had fun, and we look forward to seeing you at the next event round.

It will be a few months until we see everyone once again at Neo-Japan Event in September/October 2018.

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We are thankful for a first event round with full occupancy of our eighteen Sponsor booths and sixty Regular booths.

We must take this opportunity to once again thank our Designers. It is only with your participation and amazing creativity that we could have a successful event.

We really appreciate the time and care that each of you put into your incredible quality creations for Neo-Japan.

It is also great to see so many photos inspired by our designers’ event items. A big thank you to our team of awesome talented bloggers.

We have received to date 925 photos and counting, posted to our event flickr group (, and I’m sure many more yet to be discovered by everyone across the grid!

We have also received many entries to our Neo-Japan Event Photo Contest ( You still have time to send in your photograph until the event round ends today 22nd April 2018, at 11:59PM SLT. Click here for more info:

It is also important for us to thank our venue builder Miss Kadlin Fall. You are a great builder and very reliable and talented, and created for us a unique event venue with minimal lag.

We are grateful to have the SeraphimSL Team cover our brand new event, and it has been a great pleasure working with you.

Our Neo-Japan Event Fashion Show is a great success and a good start for our Grand Opening on 31st March 2018 , produced by MISS SL Agency of MISS SL Organisation. The showcase of the myriad of event items followed by great music by DJ Lichi, served to be a tantalising teaser over the final countdown up to event opening at noon.

Once again, to everyone who join us in our first event round — Designers, Bloggers, Media-Partners, SeraphimSL, MISS SL Agency, Visitors, thank you so much for believing in us and thank you for your kind support and participation. We hope to have you with us on our next round in September/October 2018.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Hikaru Enimo & Takuya Jinn
Neo-Japan Event Founders

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