Fortnite pro Jarvis banned for using cheat software

Jarvis KhattriImage copyright YouTube
Image caption An emotional Mr Khattri has appealed to Fortnite maker Epic to lift the ban

More than four million people have watched a video in which a pro Fortnite player makes an emotional appeal to have a permanent ban lifted.

Jarvis Khattri was banned for using cheating software while playing the popular game.

Fortnite creator Epic imposed the ban even though Mr Khattri used the software on a game account separate to the one he uses to compete and stream.

Fans of Mr Khattri lobbied Epic via social media to get the ban lifted.

Fortnite is a “battle-royale” type game which allows up to 100 players to fight individually or as part of a team to be the last standing on a virtual battlefield. Players gather materials to build structures which can prove crucial in the game’s close-quarters firefights.

‘Huge mistake’

The type of ban imposed on Mr Khattri is believed to include key identifying details about the hardware he uses to play, and the net account through which he connects. This means it will be difficult for him to set up a new account and start playing again.

In a statement, Epic said it had a “zero-tolerance policy” for anyone using cheat software.

The software Mr Khattri used is known as an aimbot, which helps players land shots on opposing characters.

“When people use aimbots or other cheat technologies to gain an unfair advantage, they ruin games for people who are playing fairly,” Epic said.

In a tweet, Mr Khattri said he took “accountability” for his actions.

He added: “I just wish I had known how severe the consequences were at the time and I would have never thought about doing it.”

The UK-based player expressed similar remorse in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel on which he currently has about two million subscribers.

He said: “Obviously this is a huge mistake and it’s completely wrong on my end.”

Some of Mr Khattri’s followers started using the #FreeJarvis hashtag to gain support for their call to have the ban lifted. Some pointed out that Epic had only imposed bans of two weeks on other pro players who were caught colluding during a recent tournament.

The ban prompted a spat between popular gaming streamers Ninja and DrLupo during an online chat.

Ninja, aka Tyler Blevins, who rose to fame through Fortnite, said Epic should be more lenient towards content creators who help the game thrive. DrLupo, aka Benjamin Lupo, had less sympathy, and said the ban was justified.

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TikTok and Apple decline to testify over China

Sen Josh HawleyImage copyright Getty Images
Image caption Senator Josh Hawley has organised the Congress hearing

Both TikTok and Apple have declined to testify to US Congress in a hearing, about their ties to China

Tuesday’s hearing is designed to explore the relationships the US-based technology industry has with China and whether there are national security issues as a result.

TikTok said it was unable to send a suitable delegate “on short notice” but was committed to “working productively” with Congress.

Apple said it had no comment.

Police-tracking app

“I’ve invited Apple and TikTok [US] to testify on Tuesday about their business in and with China and the risks to American consumers. So far, they are both refusing. Something to hide?” tweeted Republican senator Josh Hawley, who has organised Tuesday’s session.

It is unclear which other companies, if any, have been invited to testify.

In an interview with news website Axios, Mr Hawley said he did not trust any of the technology giants.

Previously on Twitter he has criticised Apple for removing the Taiwanese flag emoji in Hong Kong and banning the police-tracking app used by protesters in the territory.

‘Counterintelligence threat’

“Who is really running Apple? [Chief executive] Tim Cook or Beijing?” he asked.

In a statement, the Chinese video-sharing platform TikTok said it was “committed” to “working productively” with Congress on issues around national security interests.

“Unfortunately, on short notice we were unable to provide a witness who would be able to contribute to a substantive discussion,” it said.

In a previous statement, in October, it said it had never been asked by the Chinese government to remove content and would refuse such a request.

It also said US users’ data was all stored inside the United States.

TikTok says 60% of its US users are aged between 16 and 24.

Last week, it was reported TikTok was undergoing a national security review of its purchase of the app

Its parent company, ByteDance, bought for $1bn (£773m) in 2017.

In an open letter, two senior US politicians described TikTok as “a potential counterintelligence threat we cannot ignore.”

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Night Mode: Which phone camera comes out on top?

Apple, Huawei and Google all promise that their latest flagship phones take better photos in low-light conditions.

Each offers its own version of Night Mode that lets photos be taken in near-darkness.

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See more at Click’s website and @BBCClick

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